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Faber TOPCARE 250 ML

-professional worktop cleaner and maintainer

-to be applied on marble and stone worktops

-it will repair minor imperfections & waterproof

-it will create a natural finish on stone worktops

-it prevents water damage & lime scale build ups

-suitable for commercial and domestic worktops

Stone Top Care Review

You want to keep your kitchen countertops and bathroom surfaces clean and free of stains. After all, no one likes preparing meals in an unconducive environment, or feel your skin crawl each time you step into the bathroom. However, the cleaning in these sections of the building is easier said than done, especially when dealing with natural stone in regions with hard water. White residue ends up being formed on the surfaces, from the bathroom walls to the kitchen backsplashes, in unsightly spots that take away their aesthetic appeal. These are limescale stains, which make the shiny natural stone surface to become unsightly. This is further worsened by their difficulty to remove. As always, prevention is the best treatment. Cleaning the countertops regularly, and ensuring that they have dried off well, is fine and dandy, but what of ensuring that the surfaces have round-the-clock protection? For this, Faber has provided the Stone Top Care formulation.

When dealing with natural stone installations, one needs to be very particular about the products used. After all, you want to treat the surfaces without corroding them or weakening their structural integrity. For the effective care and maintenance of these surfaces, Faber has provided numerous products over the decades. These cater to the various stages of care, from abrasives and polishes that come in when you want to add to the shine of the floors and keep them looking elegant for longer; protective treatments that keep your installation safe from the rising damp within the building's structure- where the formulations penetrate the material and don't leave behind any film, retaining the original breathability of the surface; cleaners developed to tackle the dirt and grease residue without damaging the underlying material or treatments that have been applied onto it; stain removers that dissolve those stubborn spots, be it wine, ink, tea, soft drinks and other water-based stains, plus the oil-based food smudges, mineral and engine oil, and even cooking oil stains plus bituminous residue; finishes and waves that enhance the beauty of natural stone while increasing the surface protection; all through to the mastic and epoxy systems that come in when repairing cracks, chips and other kinds of surface damage to natural stone. Having been in business since 1986, you can have the peace of mind that they are good at producing solutions that deliver on their mandate. The Stone Top Care maintains the tempo, adhering to the expected quality standards.

Benefits Of The Stone Top Care

  1. Protects the surface

With natural stone installations, it's all about the charm. Their beauty and appeal make them popular, especially since they are unique due to the natural processes through which they are formed. Colourations and patterns that vary from one slab to the next, you get to have the set up that matches your particular style. After spending so much time and resources purchasing the slabs, getting them fabricated to your desired specifications, and the ardours installation process that follows, you don’t want to watch it go down the drain. Preserving the aesthetic appeal is key, and that's right up the alley of the Stone Top Care formulation.

This maintenance cream has been developed to prevent staining on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, where limescale stains and hard water deposits can be a frustrating problem. The minerals that come with the water wind up on these areas, and build up, forming spots that ruin the elegance of the surfaces. Worktops and tables too can be treated with the Stone Top Care. What’s more, in case a stain develops, the coat formed underneath will make it easy to remove with the Faber Repair Kit. The product enhances attributes such as water repellence, and its ingredients, plus the polishing action, brings out that aesthetic shine.

  1. Wide range of application

The Stone Top Care is suitable for different types of kitchen and bathroom tops. You can use the cream to maintain surfaces made of quartzite, natural stone and their agglomerates. Granite, porcelain stoneware, cotto, glazed ceramics, terracotta, porphyry- the product is applicable across the scope, especially on the surfaces that are not sensitive to acids. It’s always recommended that you carry out a pre-test on a hidden area before proceeding to apply the product on the entire surface.

  1. Easy to use

Treating surfaces with the Stone Top Care is a breeze. Simply take your cloth and sponge, then use it to apply the product onto the surface. The formulation comes ready to use, so you won’t need to dilute it. In about 5 minutes, the solvents within the formulation will have evaporated, after which you can proceed to polish the area with a white pad, sponge, or cloth. All that's left is to give it at least an hour for it to have cured. During the application, ensure that the product has been distributed onto the surface copiously, in an even coat. The quality of the results can be assessed in about 2-3 hour after the product has been applied. By then the surface will have been ready to use.

Note that the Stone Top Care should only be applied to the surfaces after it has been cleaned. Any dirt and grime will ruin the effectiveness of the product, and result in a poor outcome. In addition, you should allow the area to dry before application, and protect the adjacent areas that are not being attended to. The surface should also not be overly heated. The acceptable temperature range is between 5° and 40°C.

  1. Budget-friendly

Turning to the Stone Top Care for your surface maintenance needs enables you to save on costs in various ways. Firstly, it comes at a pocket-friendly price, meaning you get to make savings right from the word go. Secondly, it has a coverage rate of 15-20m2 per every litre of product, that way you get to work on multiple worktops in the establishment, with plenty of product remaining for subsequent treatments. By keeping the surfaces in top shape, you get to also save on hefty repair costs that would have popped up.

Faber Top Care

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