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Fantail Dish Brush 

-professional dishwashing semi stiff brush

-also suitable for cleaning grout and tiles

-manufactured from heat resistant plastic

-recommended for commercial cleaning

-light, affordable, durable, multi use brush

Fantail Dish Brush 

Cookware and utensils are bound to get dried-on food debris. Add greasy residue to this, which causes the grime to harden to the appliance. Things are worsened by heat, especially when it comes to the dishes and pans, where the residue gets caked onto the surface of the item. There are cases where the stuck-on material is so stubborn that one needs to soak the dishes overnight. Powerful chemical formulations are brought in to dissolve the gunk in order to make it easier to remove. In some scenarios, one uses heated water for the process. All these circumstances have one common denominator: mechanical action is still needed for the task. Here, dish brushes are used to scrub away the soiling, boosting the power of the soaps and dishwashing liquids that are used. What kind of brush do you need? This comes down to its functionality, and the items that are being worked on. Firstly, the bristles of the brush should be up to the task, being able to scrub through the gunk that is on the appliances. Secondly, while tough, are the bristles safe for the appliances? You wouldn’t want a scenario where your glassware gets scratched, or the non-stick cookware gets the seasoning ruined. Next is the durability of the construction. The cleaning process involves lots of different conditions, from the mild detergents to the powerful scale removers, and those cases where the dishes are being washed in hot water. Do you need a brush that can withstand these conditions? Getting one with the durable material will enable you to avoid costs running amok due to being forced to keep replacing the brushes being used. This is also key if you are to obtain extended usage out of the product. The maintenance process also factors in. Tools that are easy to maintain will reduce your workload in the kitchen. The Fantail Dish Brush under review gives you value for your money, as it has a high-quality design, optimised for effectiveness and simplicity during usage. 

Benefits Of The Fantail Dish Brush

  • Comes with a scraper

The built-in scraper of the Fantail Dish Brush gives you more cleaning power, especially when it comes to those stubborn grime deposits and caked-on crud. It simplifies life in the kitchen. From scraping the leftovers into the trash can, giving the dishes quick scrubs with the Fantail Dish Brush under running water- it's a convenient addition to your kitchen cleaning tools. You can even use it to clean the sink itself.  

  • Quick-drying

Unlike the alternative kitchen cleaning tools- like dishcloths which can become Petri dishes for bacteria, or sponges that turn out to be ecosystems for the microbes due to those tiny pockets that allow the germs to thrive, this won’t be the case with the Fantail Dish Brush. The synthetic bristles of the unit shed moisture quickly, causing it to dry fast. They won’t harbour bacteria, and you also won’t have to worry about offensive odours developing. This also means that mould growths won’t be a concern.

  • Durable construction

The Fantail Dish Brush has strong and sturdy bristles, giving you extended usage out of every unit purchased. It meets the demand for frequent kitchen cleaning. This is key in reducing the expenses incurred in getting supplies, since you won’t be required to keep making replacements. Coupled with the affordable pricing of the Fantail Dish Brush, you get to make savings in your kitchen cleaning budget. 

  • Hang it up after use

Once you’re through with the cleaning, toss the brush into the dishwasher, or clean it manually with dishwashing liquid. Rinse it with warm water and hang it up to air dry- that’s what its hanging hook is for after all. Tossing it into the dishwasher once or twice a week will keep it in top condition.

When it comes to your budget, with the Fantail Dish Brush you won’t have a case of costs going through the roof. From the affordable pricing to the convenient packaging of 12 per pack, and a 10x12 case quantity, you get to acquire sufficient supply to meet your kitchen’s cleaning needs.  Since it has a sturdy build, each unit gets to serve you for long, resulting in more savings down the road.

Fantail Dish Brush

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