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-antibacterial washroom cleaner and disinfectant

-contains a strong refreshing perfume

-highly recommended for bathrooms, toilets, washrooms, etc

-very concentrated cleaning product that needs dilution

-cost efficient and fast acting even on heavy duty jobs


Final Touch Washroom Cleaner – Where to use

Final Touch Washroom cleaner is a highly concentrated bathroom and washroom cleaner that can be used on all porcelain, ceramic, glass, stainless steel, chrome and wood surfaces. Final Touch Washroom Cleaner is a very fast acting cleaning product that will reduce the time needed to do bathroom cleaning and it will save time and money. Its high antibacterial qualities have made this superb washroom cleaner a great option for jobs were there is a high risk of infections and bacteria infestation. Kills bacteria on impact and sanitises.


Final Touch Washroom Cleaner – How to use

Like any other cleaning product that removes heavy duty lime scale and body fats, Final Touch Washroom Cleaner will require a few seconds to act. If you plan to use this bathroom cleaner for heavy duty cleaning jobs, you will need to pre spray and allow a few minutes to work. For daily washroom maintenance you can use it with a spray and wipe system, mopping system or in conjunction with a floor cleaning machine. Final Touch Washroom Cleaner is a great tile & grout cleaner and it is known for removing heavy duty lime scale and general waste from grout without too much effort. When used in conjunction with a floor cleaning machine please use the right dilution ratio to avoid waste.


Final Touch Washroom Cleaner – Dilution

You can buy Final Touch Washroom cleaner in a 5L container or a 750 ml spray bottle. The spray bottle is a ready to use cleaning product that requires no dilution but the 5L container needs to be diluted. If you use Final Touch Washroom Cleaner in conjunction with a floor cleaning machine you can dilute it up to 1 to 100, depending on what type of dirt you need to remove. For daily washroom floor maintenance a less concentrated cleaning product is required. For heavy duty floor cleaning use 1 to 50 to achieve great results fast. Mix with hot water for better results. For daily washroom cleaning with a spray and wipe system you will need to dilute 1 to 10. Use undiluted only on heavy duty jobs where pre soaking is required. When mopping washroom or bathroom floors please dilute 1 to 100. Most professional cleaning products require dilution to work fast. By using a very concentrated cleaning product for a daily maintenance job you will just waste your product.


Final Touch Washroom Cleaner – Safety

Final Touch Washroom Cleaner is a highly perfumed washroom cleaner that poses very little risk to humans. If used regularly use of gloves is recommended and you should not mix this washroom cleaner with other cleaning products. Work in well ventilated areas and store out of reach of children.


Final Touch Washroom Cleaner – Recommendation

This bathroom cleaner is a great product. It was designed to replace all the high odour bleach based bathroom cleaning products. A bathroom cleaned with Final Touch Washroom Cleaner will be nicely perfumed and bacteria free. This product is safe to use on any type of washroom and it highly recommended for hospital use or areas with high infection risks.



Final Touch Washroom Cleaner – Make your washroom clean and bacteria free!

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