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-top of the range bathroom cleaner and washroom maintainer

-suitable for daily maintaining or medium heavy duty cleaning

-ideal for washing porcelain, toilets, tiles, mirrors, bathroom fittings

-kills bacteria instantly and passes EN 1276 at recommended dilution

-it will clean, deodorise and sanitise any surface where is sprayed


Evans Final Touch Washroom Cleaner

Washrooms are very sensitive. When washrooms are neglected, they can do so much harm to your family and workers. Everyone should have a clear routine for cleaning their bathroom. Washrooms get dirty by nature whether intentional or not. A clean washroom portrays your image in your business and determines the health of those who use it. Whether the bathroom is for guests and clients or staff use only, it is critical to ensure that not only is bacteria controlled but efficiencies as well. Cleaning your washroom with Final Touch Washroom Cleaner and restocking toiletries you ensure that the space is always clean; day in day out.

Features of Evans Final Touch Washroom Cleaner.

-It’s a highly perfumed, bactericidal washroom cleaner
-It kills bacteria including Legionella, MRSA & E-coli
-It passes EN 1276 at recommended dilution rate & contact time
-It is ideal for wash bins, bathtubs, sinks, toilet bowls, and floors.
-Its approved for ALTRO flooring
-It is an eco-friendly cleaning product
-It is affordable

Benefits of using Final Touch Washroom Cleaner
Final Touch Washroom Cleaner is undoubtedly your most efficient toilet and bathroom cleaner. The cleaner has may benefits that improve your everyday and life at does not only give you value for your money but meet all your washroom cleaning needs. Final Touch Washroom Cleaner benefits are:
Powerful Antibacterial properties

Evans Final Touch Washroom Cleaner is specially designed with powerful components that eliminate pathogens such as Pseudomona aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus which are mostly found on toilet bowls. Such bacteria cause diseases like diarrhea, bone and skin infections. Final Touch Washroom Cleaner has been biologically proved to clear such microbes as soon as it comes in contact. With the cleaner, you are assured of a clean and safe washroom.

Efficient on all washroom surfaces
Everyone needs a washroom cleaner that will meet all the surfaces needs. Final Touch Cleaner is safely formulated to be used on all surfaces such as stainless steel, tiles, marble, ceramic chrome, and porcelain. Final Touch Washroom Cleaner automatically clears all limescale, body fat and any other kind of soiling left on the washroom surfaces without corroding them. 


Evans Final Touch Washroom Cleaner is thick enough to allow maximum counter attack with the germs on the surfaces. The cleaner has been formulated with thick velocity to allow better clinging on to the surface. The thickness increases its effectiveness to kill bacteria. Substandard washroom cleaners are runny and leave sloppy surfaces with germs still in contact.

Anti-corrosion inhibitors.

Evans Final Touch Washroom Cleaner is fitted with anti-corrosion inhibitors that prevent corrosion n all surfaces. The cleaner is designed to guard the washroom surfaces against wear and tear.

Evans Final Touch Washroom Cleaner has been approved after thorough testing using the EN1276 method. The European Standard Test Method tasked to test bactericidal products which the cleaner passes. It is a safe product to use in washrooms where children use, and pets are not affected. Final Touch Washroom Cleaner does not harm the body when you are using it.It poses a low risk during production, distribution, and usage.


Lovely Fragrance.
Evans Final Touch Washroom Cleaner is highly perfumed to cover and eliminate bad odors that sometimes come from the washrooms. Everyone wants to use the washroom in peace without being in a hurry because of the uric smell in it. When you use Final Touch Washroom Cleaner, you can have ample time in the washroom.


How to use Evans Final Touch Washroom Cleaner.

1. Clear the washroom. Remove all items that do does not belong to the bathroom and may hinder your cleaning.

2. Pour Final Touch Washroom Cleaner in the toilet bowl. Put the toilet brush in the toilet bowl to sanitize it before you start using it. Open all the windows and doors for proper ventilation.

3. Dust the washroom surfaces. Start from the top down. Clear cobwebs from all corners of the walls and under the cabinets too. Ensure you take care of wallpapers that are sensitive to water.

4. Apply Final Touch Washroom Cleaner on the surfaces that have visible dirt and stains. If there is lime build up on the tub and sinks, let the Final Touch Washroom Cleaner sit on them for a while. Letting the cleaner sit on the surface will loosen the stains as you work on the other surfaces. Read and understand the instructions on the Final Touch Washroom Cleaner and follow to the letter.

5. Clean the walls, countertops, and windows. Start by spraying Final Touch Washroom Cleaner. Use a sponge or rag to scrub the areas you have sprayed. Rinse with clean water and dry with a clean piece of cloth. Always wear rubber gloves when cleaning to prevent your hand from drying.

6. Clean the mirrors. Spray Final Touch Washroom Cleaner on the mirrors then wipe off the excessive solution with a squeegee or a clean microfiber towel.

7. Clean the exterior of the toilet bowl and tubs. Wipe the flush handles with a cloth that has been soaked in Final Touch Washroom Cleaner solution. Scrub and rinse the exterior parts of the tub and not forget to clean the toilet sit and lid. The piece of cloth used to clean the washroom should not be used in other parts of the house.

8. Clean the floor using mop and bucket method mixed with Final Touch Washroom Cleaner. Let the washroom dry.

How to maintain the washroom clean

1. Keep your washroom properly ventilated. Fresh air discourages the growth of mildew. Fan the washroom after using the shower to prevent moisture clinging to the walls, mirrors, and windows.

2. Wipe down the shower after using it. Routine cleaning of the shower prevents the buildup of lime scale and will save you time when doing your general cleaning. When you combine the cleaning method and use of the fan, you will always have a fresh washroom.

3. Keep the washroom tidy. Much of the washroom mess is mostly clutter that you can get rid of easily. Placing a trash can in the washroom will be a constant reminder for users to dispose of their clutter properly.

Safety precaution when using Evans Final Touch Washroom Cleaner

-Wear protective gear when starting your cleaning. Rubber gloves and eye protector are essential.
-Store in a cool, dry place and away from children reach.
-Dispose of empty Final Touch Washroom Cleaner containers following your local area rules and regulations.

Evans Final Touch Washroom Cleaner - Professional results for less

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