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Floor Oil 100% - Fume Colour - 1L


-quality organic oil with a hint of "fume" colour

-suitable for waxing and priming wood surfaces

-it will cover between 10 to 30 square meter per L

-not suitable for overcoating with any floor lacquer

-it requires bwrween 2 to 24 hours to fully dry

-this product is made from natural oils 100%


How To Use:

Using floor oils is not very hard if you repect few basic rules and you use your common sense. First of all, you need to make sure that the wood surface is clean, dust free and fully dry. With a towel cloth rub the wood up and down the fiber until the wood has absorbed an even coat of oil. Do not oversoak the wood to avoid very long drying periods. If you are waxing big floor areas, you are better off using a white floor pad and a low speed buffer. The wax can be used as primer or as a finishing product. You can apply two coats of floor oil with 24 hours break between coats or you can apply 1 coat of floor oil and one coat of hardwax oil. The wax has to be fully dry before appling another coat.


Where To Use:

This floor oil can be used on any type of solid and semi solid wood surface that is finish free. Old wood surfaces have to be sanded up and all the existing finishes removed in full before waxing. The wax has to penetrate the wood to provide the full protection. This product was designed for interior use only. Suitable for waxing floors, furniture, doors, window frames, boats, etc. 


Floor Oil 100% - Fume Colour 1L

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