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Floor Oil 100% - Grey Colour - 1L


-very beautiful looking natural floor oil with a hint of grey

-suitable for sealing or waxing any type of wood surface

-recommended for commercial and domestic wood floors

-one of the most cost effective organic wood floor waxes

-it can be used as a primer or as a final finishing coat 

-not suitable for overcoating with any type of floor varnish


How To Use:

Shake the tin of floor oil well before using it. You will need a towel cloth, a pair of gloves and a lot of common sense. Vacuum the whole area well to remove all types of dirt and dust particles. You can only wax dry wood surfaces so make sure that the wood is 100% dry otherwise the moist and the wax won`t bond. Soak the cloth in the oil and start waxing the floor. The floor will absorb what it needs and the excess wax needs to be removed fast. Use the same amount of wax all over the floor. Do not dilute the wax and do not overcoat with a floor varnish or a lacquer.


Where To Use:

Old wood surfaces need to be sanded and cleaned. New wood surfaces need to be cleaned. It can be used on any type of wood surfaces that is finish free. Floor waxes are not paints & the wax will not change the look of your floor a lot. A hint of grey will be visible within the wood graine. If a stronger colour is required, apply a second coat of floor oil. You can overcoat the floor with a hardwax oil for extra protection. 1L of floor oil will cover 10 to 30 sq meter but the coverage area can vary from surface to surface.


Floor Oil 100% - Grey Colour 1L

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