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-very good quality organic coloured oil

-very easy to apply & very natural finish

-it can be used as a primer or as a finish

-it can be use on all types of unsealed wood

-it will cover btween 10 to 30 sq m per L

-not suitable for overcoating with varnish


How To Use:

Bear in mind that you can only oil or wax, floors that have no finish at all. The oil needs to penetrate the wood to provide the right protection. If there is a sealant or any type of finish on your floors, the wax cannot penetrate it. Deep clean the floor to remove all the dust particles and all the dirt. With a towel cloth, apply one even coat of floor oil all over your floor. Try to apply the same pressure on the cloth all over the floor to avoid deeper colours in areas where more pressure was applied. Do not over soak the floor to avoid long drying times. Excess oil to be removed fast. If you are looking for a darker colour, apply one more coat of oil. It will require between 2 to 24 hours to dry. It can ve finished with a hard wax oil.


Where To Use:

This quality coloured oil can be used on all types of semi solid and solid oil floors. You have to respect the drying periods to achieve great results. Waxing a floor is a bit more time consumming but the final results is usual very natural finish. There is not a lot of training needed to apply this oil but you need to use your common sense. This product is not suitable for over coating with a varnish.

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