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Floor Oil 100% - White Colour - 1L


-professional quality organic white floor oil

-suitable for waxing floors and furniture

-it will cover around 10 to 30 sq meter per L

-not suitable for overcoating with a varnish

-it can be used as a primer or as a finish

-it will enhance and enrich the wood look


Where To Use It

This organic floor oil can be used to seal or add colour to any type of wood surface that has no pre-existing finishes. It is very important to make sure that the wood surface is 100% dry and dust free. The oil can be used to add a hint of white to all types of furnitures, floors, frames, etc. The floor oil will not make your floor or furniture artificial white, but it will just give a hint of white. You can apply one coat of white floor oil and then apply one more coat of harwax oil or you can add two coats of white floor oil with 24 hours break between coats.


How To Use It:

Clean the wood surface well, remove all the dust particles and make sure that the wood is fully dry. Apply one thin coat of floor oil all over the surface and remove all the excess. The floor will absorb whatever it needs instant and watever excess oil is left on the wood surface will only keep the wood surfaces wet for longer. A second coat can be done within 24 hours.You can apply the oil with a cloth, a special oil applicator or a buffer pad.


Floor Oil 100% - White Colour 1L

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