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Floor Scraper With Wooden Handle

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-quality floor scraper with heavy duty wooden handle

-suitable for scraping glues, mortar, paint, plasterer, etc

-suitable for domestic and commercial cleaning jobs

-its stainless steel blade is made for heavy duty use

-the blade can be replaced very easy with a new one

-well priced, very well build and very cost effective


Floor Scraper Wooden Handle Review

You want to keep your floor looking good around the clock. After all, it affects the ambience of the rest of the premises. You don't want guests to your home asking awkward questions that you have to mumble answers through, or customers walking into your business premises to find it dotted with grime. Floor maintenance is an intricate process, spanning from the finishing, all through to the regular cleaning operations. When it comes to the cleaning, there are those pesky substances that stick to the floor, from gunk that was baked onto the finish by the sun’s heat, to items like chewing gum that get dropped and glued to it. You don’t want to be forced to get on your knees and struggle to scrap them off. That takes too much time and energy. Why not just scrape off the sticky substances with a tool that has been specifically designed for the job? Turn to the Floor Scraper Wooden Handle.


When you have a large kitchen or dining area that has food material plastered onto the surface of the floor, or you’re cleaning up your house after a party that left gunk stuck all over, you'll want a product that will reduce your workload. In addition, you want to be able to protect your floor. Leaving it with dings all over is not how you picture the cleaning process turning out. It's not just in cleaning. Before you install a new flooring, its essential to remove unwanted material such as carpet glue or paint stuck to the surface that can end up making it uneven. Scraping the floor will ensure that it is smooth and clean, readying it for the resurfacing. Durability also factors in. You don’t want pieces of the scraper breaking off during the process, forcing you to keep spending loads of cash on replacements and repair. Quality products come with high strength capability for the task. That's right up the alley of the Floor Scraper Wooden Handle.


Benefits Of The Floor Scraper Wooden Handle

1. Ultra-strong blade

The Floor Scraper Wooden Handle comes with a spring steel blade. This enhances its life and widens the range of its applications- from the stickers that your kids left on the floor, stubborn dirt in industrial and commercial environments, all through to removing the old underlay or carpet that ended up getting glued directly onto the concrete or wooden subfloor. It's even effective in getting rid of the carpet staples from your plywood and similar flooring. Instead of getting down to remove each individual staple with a screw driver or pair of pliers, simply shear them off or pull them right out with the Floor Scraper Wooden Handle. As you run it along the surface, it will separate the substances you’re trying to remove from the floor. In addition, the blade of the Floor Scraper Wooden Handle chips off the sticky substances in pieces, and not in dusty shards. This is due to the clean cuts meted onto them. It makes removing the material easier. 


2. Durable steel head

The scraping process involves constant application of force. You want a product that can withstand the shocks, and handle the loads delivered during the process. The steel head of the Floor Scraper Wooden Handle ensures that it does so. 


3. Hardwood handle

The Floor Scraper Wooden Handle has a sturdy build that enables it to tackle the strains and stresses of the scraping jobs. The wood itself is durable, meaning that the structural integrity of the unit will hold, allowing you to use it for longer on diverse cleaning projects. In addition, the length of the Floor Scraper Wooden Handle provides better leverage, reducing the amount of effort you need to apply during difficult projects.


4. Versatile

The Floor Scraper Wooden Handle can be used anywhere there are sticky substances on the flooring that need to be removed. From meats, seafood and poultry, dairy products etched to the surface, fruits and vegetables that were ground into the flooring, caked on dirt, wax build-up, gum and stickers, all through to those chips of cement and plaster that stick out of the floor after a construction, repair or refinishing job. You can also use the Floor Scraper Wooden Handle to quickly remove those weeds sprouting out of your paving and the cracks on paths and patios.


Tips for using the Floor Scraper Wooden Handle

· It's recommended that you hold the Floor Scraper Wooden Handle at an angle of 15-30� to the floor as you run it along the surface. Hold it like you would a broom or rake with a long handle.

· Replace the blade of the Floor Scraper Wooden Handle as needed, watching for when it becomes dull. This will ensure that you always get optimal performance.

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