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Evans Fresh Aerosol Wild Berries

  • Powerful deodoriser and air freshener from Evans

  • Suitable for deodorising & odour removal

  • Safe to use on clothes, curtains, sofas, carpets, etc

  • Non allergic, non toxic and suitable for domestic use

  • Highly effective against smoke, food, pet & urine odour

  • Can be used as a toilet/bathroom odour kill & freshener

  • Long lasting aerosol deodoriser, dry formulation, cheap

Evans Fresh Aerosol Wild Berries - Where to use

This powerful deodoriser can be used for neutralising bad odours and refreshing carpets, sofas, curtains, cloths, etc. It contains a blend of perfumes that will neutralise and mask the odour generating bacteria. It can be used in public bathrooms, pubs, sport rooms, car cleaning businesses, contract cleaning and for domestic deodorising projects. Its dry formulation makes it compatible with all sensitive fibres.

Evans Fresh Aerosol Wild Berries - How to use

Just close all the windows, isolate the affected area and spray the product all over the sofas, floors curtains, clothes, etc. Do not open the windows for at least 30 min if you are trying to neutralise bad odours that have been there for long periods of time. Repeat the operation a few times if the bad odours are still noticeable. Or, just spray all your fabrics once per week to maintain a pleasant perfume around the house.

Do not spray near an open fire and do not spray directly onto electrical items. Do not attempt to deodorise your pets or your plants. Even if the product is safe for use, it can cause health issues if ingested or sprayed directly into the eye or mouth. Do not overuse the product. Do not use a number of deodorisers at the same time and do not use the product to clean surfaces. Evans Fresh Aerosol Wild Berries is a deodoriser and odour neutraliser only.

Evans Fresh Aerosol Wild Berries

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