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-superb quality aerosol air & fabric freshener with apple fregrance

-suitable for all types of odour neutralising, deodorising & refresher

-it will get rid of tabacco odour, food odour, bathroom odours & more

-thid dry formula it is suitable for refreshing curtains, rugs and carpets

-its very long lasting perfume makes it very durable & cost effective


Evans Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener

Fresh and clean air is vital at home and your business premises. The warm and welcoming fresh air that a client smells when entering your office is the first impression that will last forever. Every business owner should strive to please his customers by making them comfortable in your workplace. Thou there are work areas that are heavily affected by odors, covering them is the first thing that you should do before any client notices. The good thing about air fresheners is that they can be used anywhere in the house or office. Some toilets have foul smells that’s are unbearable, and only an excellent air freshener can eliminate the odor with a healthy and fresh air.


People take fresh smelling air for granted, yet foul smell affects the attitude and moods of an individual. Workers who spend most of their day sited next to a stinking toilet are usually moody and pass the same attitude to your clients. You lose money and reputation because of a minor thing such as cleaning your toilets thoroughly and spraying air fresheners around the office. Workers who are in an office that has nice scents have happy moods and even find themselves extending their working hours because they enjoy their working environment. Every employer should embrace the Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener and sooner than later you will be ripping the benefits that come with it. Additionally, fresheners are not only used in business premises but also at home. With a few sprays of Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener in the morning, the scents stay in the room until evening. Nobody likes to be hit by a stuffy odor when you open the door in the evening and after a long day. Choose a scent that will improve your mood in the evening and all the tiredness will wear out.


Features of Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener

-It is an efficient, professional air freshener and odor neutralizer.
-It’s suitable for refreshing rooms that have carpets, fabrics, sofas, and curtains.
-It neutralizes tobacco, food, pet elimination and mold odors.
-Its scent lasts for a long time.
-It's affordable and environmentally friendly.


Why you should use Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener

1.Neutralises odors
A room with bad smell is a turn off to many potential customers. Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener is specially designed to eliminate and neutralize odors and freshen up the air in your space. The tough formulation of Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener neutralizes odors from tobacco smells, carpets, and rugs and on all hard surfaces. Cooking areas can be sensitive when one uses strong air fresheners, the smell of meat and fish is no all pleasing after it dries. You need a few sprays of Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener on the kitchen air to get rid of the meat smell. Additionally, an amazing scent improves the interior décor of a house, making it welcoming and may not seem important but a good smell in a house eases the work of a house agent when he/she is trying to sell or rent an office or house. A radiant smell pleases our customers and you are referred to other potential clients.

When shopping for air freshener always look for one that can be used in several spaces. Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener is ideal for all spaces such as hotels, reception areas, yoga studios, office suites, changing rooms and bathrooms. With a few sprays, your space remains fresh and welcoming for a long time. The freshener is packaged with a blend of glycol ethers and non-ionic surfactants which aid in cleaning action. Spraying directly on carpets and rugs eliminates the stuffiness odor and also urine smell left behind by pets. The lack of charge on Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener hydrophilic ends increase their oil emulsification rate and can be used in the extraction of dirt.

3.Long lasting apple scent.
The Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener fills your spaces with refreshing apple fragrance that lasts for a long time. You do not have to spray a lot of the freshener’s content to feel the effect. A few veils of the mist of the Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener is all you need to keep your spaces smelling fresh.

With all the products in the market, it’s hard to choose the ones that are safe for human use and also the environment. Again you would not want to use a product that will end up harming the health of your workers and family members. Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener has a neutral pH that makes it safe for several uses and also the one applying. Do not worry about skin reactions and irritations as it has been tested and proved to be safe for you and your environment.

5.Easy to use
The packaging of Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener is in a ready to use bottle; that is ergonomic in your hand. Anyone can be able to use the air freshener safely and efficiently.

How to use Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener

Freshening the air

-Open the windows to get rid of the stuffy air
- After a few minutes, close the windows and spray the Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener in your space.

Carpet cleaning
-Mix water and cleaning shampoo or any carpet cleaning detergent.
-Add Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener to the water in the ratio of 1:50(100ml of Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener to 50 parts of cleaning water.
-Follow your carpet cleaning routine.

Hard floor surfaces
-Clear heavy soiling from the surfaces.
-Spray Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener on the hard surface directly. You can also mix the freshener with the cleaning water, and the amount will depend on the degree of odor on the surfaces
-Mop the floor as usual.

Safety measures when using Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener
-Spray Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener away from your face and body. Wear eye protection wears if you are spraying significant spaces such as halls.
-Clean hard surfaces and items regularly to avoid building f of gunk that is caused by odors.
-Do not spray on food items or kitchen working surfaces. When the freshener comes into contact with furniture that has been furnished, wipe off immediately.
-Thou the Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener eliminates bad odor; it is also important to find the cause of the bad smell and clear it.
-Open your windows and doors regularly for proper ventilation. Constant air keeps dries damp surfaces which are a breeding ground for bacteria.


Fresh Aersol Fabric Freshener Apple Fragrance 400ml

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