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Front Access Bin Large White

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-great looking fire bin suitable for exterior use

-painted with high quality fire resistant paint

-its large capcity (70l) makes it ideal for bars

-this quality fire bin comply with all regulations

-affordable, durable, cost effective & very safe


Front Access Bin Large White Review

Garbage is a part of life, and needs to be eliminated as fast as it is generated. In the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, especially in commercial establishments from hotels, the retail industry and also in healthcare centres like hospitals and laboratories, the amount of waste produced is high. As such, you'll want sufficient space to hold it all in before the garbage collection crew arrives on their rounds. It doesn’t stop there. Sections of the waste are flammable, bringing a whole new risk into focus. You don’t want to toss items into the trash for them to spark off an inferno. That would result in heavy losses to both lives and property. You want to dispose of the trash in a convenient manner, while simultaneously protecting the persons on the premises. That's a job for the Front Access Bin Large White.


Preventing fires is all about breaking the triangle of fuel, ignition, and oxygen. The fire retardant Fire Retardant Cert SII 210/2 works by cutting off the oxygen supply to the contents of the trash, preventing fires, and extinguishing any embers that could have come in contact with the items, such as cigarette butts. You don’t have to worry about the spray cans, paper material, batteries, or celluloid cutting bursting into flames. The structure of the Fire Retardant Cert SII 210/2 itself is designed to resist fire, in order to protect your establishment. Here is what you can expect from it:


Benefits Of The Front Access Bin Large White

1. Front access door unit

This makes the Front Access Bin Large White ergonomic to use. When full, you simply open the door to take out the trash. This also makes it easy to clean the interior surfaces after garbage disposal, reducing the working and drying time.


2. Large volume

The Front Access Bin Large White is true to its name. It comes with a 70L capacity, which means it can take in plenty of waste. This allows you to toss the the loads of garbage generated on a daily basis in your establishment, waiting for the collection day. 


3. Certified fire resistance

The Fire Retardant Cert SII 210/2 is proof of the efficiency of the bin in preventing fire incidences from occurring. It has undergone rigorous testing in order to back its claims, which makes it a trusted product.


4. Control odours

Trash is known for the stenches it exudes. You don’t want them permeating through your residential or commercial premises and affecting the quality of life of everyone in the establishment. The lid of the Front Access Bin Large White shuts tight, preventing those awful smells from escaping into the environment, preserving the ambience that you have worked so hard to establish. This additionally prevents pests from being attracted to the bin and attempting to claw it open. 


5. Grabs attention

Everything from its size, signage all through to its colour enables persons in the premises and those passing by to notice its presence, which promotes proper waste management. At 810mm high, 400mm wide and 600mm deep, it lives up to the size expectations. The Front Access Bin Large White also has "flammable" warning signs on its body, compete with the symbol that is universally understood. This serves two purposes. First, it warns people about the hazardous nature of the contents in the trash. Secondly, it directs people on the kinds of material that should be disposed of in the Front Access Bin Large White, preventing mix-up of combustibles with other kinds of waste. Even the white colour comes into play. It provides a stark contrast with the red signage, enabling the symbols and imprinting to stand out.


6. Hands-free opening

You get to pop open the lid of the Front Access Bin Large White by simply pressing down on the lever at its base with your foot. This reduces the time needed to toss in the trash, and you can haul in plenty of garbage even with both hands full. This cuts down on the number of trips you'll need to take to the bin. As a welcome bonus, the hands-free approach reduces the risk of contamination, enhancing the hygiene of the premises.


7. Works with bin bags

A 26" X 44" bag will fit perfectly into the Front Access Bin Large White without you worrying about any unsightly overhang. This has several advantages. First, since there won’t be direct contact between the contents of the trash and the interior walls of the bin, it makes the cleaning easier, and prolongs its life. You won’t need to worry about gunk getting stuck to the edges or corners, or slime layering the surface of the Front Access Bin Large White. It will also assist with the odour control, and you won’t keep fretting about the contents getting spilled out onto the floor. In addition, lifting the trash from the bin during collection day will be a breeze.


8. Aesthetic value

The Front Access Bin Large White blends well with the surrounding due to its colour. In fact, the white takes away the disdained look that garbage is known for, making it appear well managed. Thus you get to preserve the decor of the interior space of your establishment.


9. Cost effective

The Front Access Bin Large White is affordably priced. As such, you begin to make savings right from the onset of the purchase. Secondly, the large volume reduces the number of bins needed for your establishment, further cutting down your waste management costs. In addition, the Front Access Bin Large White is durable, providing you with extended usage, thus giving you more bang for your buck.


Tips For Using The Front Access Bin Large White

· Never fill the Front Access Bin Large White beyond capacity. The lid should be able to close, otherwise it exposes you to all sort of problems, ranging from odours, the content of the trash attracting flies, to getting rummaged through by pests and rodents looking for a quick snack. Even though they don’t find anything to eat, the aftermath of their 'search' will be the gunk getting strewn all over your interior space or yard. This increases the fire risk.

· Position the Front Access Bin Large White strategically in the building, avoiding direct pathways where it can trip people. Place it in areas like near entry ways or the visible corner in the office space where it's easily accessible by everyone in the room. You don’t want to force people to cross from once section of the building to another, or rush up and down flights of steps each time they want to discard something. Correct positioning of the Front Access Bin Large White encourages proper waste management.

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