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-powerful heavy duty multi use acid cleaner

-for use on internal and external cleaning jobs

-removes mortar, paint, grease, lime scale, etc

-reacts on impact with organic dirt/bodies

-the strongest toilet cleaner & descaler

-superb patio & footpath cleaner



G.A.C Acid Cleaner - Where to use

G.A.C General Acid Cleaner is a multi task cleaning product. It has so many uses that it is hard to list them all in one article. This super strong general acid cleaner was designed as an external brick cleaner and general mortar remover. After the building work is done there will always be mortar or paint splashes on brick, footpaths, roof tiles, concrete floors, etc. G.A.C General Acid Cleaner will get rid of all these issues on impact. It reacts on impact with any organic body and it will cover it in a thick active foam that will dissolve it pretty fast. G.A.C General Acid Cleaner is the fastest working toilet cleaner & lime scale remover. Just pour it into the toilet bowl and brush walls with a normal toilet brush. It will dissolve any kind of dirt in seconds. Another way of using G.A.C General Acid Cleaner is to clean floors. Only use on unsealed hard floors to avoid damaging your floors. Do not use on wood. G.A.C General Acid Cleaner will have your natural stone floor spotless in a matter of seconds. Footpaths and patio areas are very hard to be cleaned with normal cleaning products. Use G.A.C General Acid Cleaner and you will not believe your eyes. This magic cleaning product will get rid of any type of organic bodies, it will kill moss, it will remove stains and algae, it will leave your footpath area spotless without the need for power washing. G.A.C General Acid Cleaner can be used as a drain un-blocker, rust remover from marble floors, glue remover from any surface, etc.


G.A.C General Acid Cleaner - How to use

You can use G.A.C General Acid Cleaner in many ways. If you clean floors you can just mop your floors as usual, allow 1 minute to work and remove the waste. If you plan to use G.A.C General Acid Cleaner as a toilet cleaner & descaler you can just pour it inside the toilet bowl and wash it with a brush. If you plant to use G.A.C General Acid Cleaner as a garden patio cleaner just pour it all over the dirty area and 5 minutes later wash it away with a garden hose. No power washing required. You can also use G.A.C General Acid Cleaner with a spray and wipe system but you need to be very careful on what surface you plan to use it. This strong cleaning product is not a general hard surface cleaner.


G.A.C General Acid Cleaner - Dilution

G.A.C General Acid Cleaner is a super concentrated general acid cleaner that requires dilution to work better. When you plan to clean toilets do not dilute, use as it is but only add 100 grams of product per toilet. The water from the toilet will create the right dilution. When you plan to use G.A.C General Acid Cleaner as a floor cleaner the dilution should be 1 to 10. When cleaning gardens or removing mortar from walls you will need to assess the job complexity and decide what dilution is the best but in any case you should not use it straight.


G.A.C General Acid Cleaner - Safety

This general acid cleaner is one of the most dangerous cleaning products in our shop. It is a highly dangerous cleaning agent, highly toxic and very dangerous for your health.

-never mix G.A.C General Acid Cleaner with hot water - it will create toxic fumes

-never mix G.A.C General Acid Cleaner with any other cleaning products

-never use G.A.C General Acid Cleaner in un ventilated areas

-never use G.A.C General Acid Cleaner without safety protection and equipment – gloves, safety clothing, eye protection etc.

-never use G.A.C General Acid Cleaner on stainless steel or copper surfaces

-only use this strong general acid cleaner if you know how to use it and where


G.A.C General Acid Cleaner - Recommendation

This product is a professional cleaning product to be used by professionals. It can save you a lot of cleaning time and make you a lot of money. Works all the time and works fast. If you own a cleaning company and if you are looking for a super strong toilet descaler, tiled floor cleaner, paint & grease remover, patio & wall cleaner, mortar remover etc. you should try G.A.C General Acid Cleaner. There is no other product like G.A.C General Acid Cleaner. Be aware of the risks and enjoy the benefits.



G.A.C General Acid Cleaner - cleaning at a different level!

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