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Evans G.A.C General Acid Cleaner 


  • Heavy duty general acid cleaner suitable for exterior cleaning

  • Suitable for removing mortar splashes from brick walls/facades

  • Highly acidic, very toxic, very effective, for professionals only

  • It can be used to remove heavy duty limescale from inside toilets

  • To be diluted in cold water (never in hot water), dilution ratio 1 to 50

  • Removes organic growth & algae from concrete & rust patches
  • Safety goggles, gloves and masks to be worn at all times when using it

  • Not compatible with plastic, stainless steel, polished surfaces, copper

  • Never ever mix up the product with other active ingredients/products

  • In contact with organic growth it creates a corrosive foam, high fumes


Evans G.A.C General Acid Cleaner  - Where to use

Top of the range highly effective general acid cleaner suitable for “exterior” cleaning only. It breaks grease stains, tar stains, organic growth, limescale, rust, mortar splashes and others. The product is highly eff when used properly or it can create a lot of permanent damage when misused. This highly effective general acid cleaner was designed as a mortar splash remover but it can be used for a number of other heavy duty cleaning projects. Never mix the product with hot water and never work in unventilated areas. 


Evans G.A.C General Acid Cleaner  - How to use

Depending on the project that you plan to undertake, you will need to dilute the product from 1 to 50. When removing mortar splashes from bricks, you will need to use the product undiluted. When removing moss & algae from concrete, you will need to dilute the product 1 to 10. When using the product for light cleaning projects, you can dilute the product up to 1 to 50. Evans G.A.C General Acid Cleaner will react with any type of organic growth and it will create a thick foam around it. The product has to react with the stain and it needs to break it apart. Many cleaning companies use the acid cleaner to break limescale from inside the toilet. Just add 0.5 L of acid to the toilet and wait about 15 min. The product requires time to react.


Bear in mind that you are using a powerful acid cleaner that will burn and destroy soft surfaces. Dilute in cold water and pre-treat the area for about 10-15 min. Use protective safety equipment to avoid skin contact and inhalation.

Evans G.A.C General Acid Cleaner 

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