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Evans Glasswash Extra

  • A very heavy duty glass washing detergent suitable for hard water areas

  • It will break dirt, grease, limescale deposits and it will descale the machine

  • A low foam formula, highly concentrated, compatible with all dishwashers

  • PH 13.7, no added perfume, does not affect beer head retention, low cost

  • Suitable for heavy duty industrial use in commercial kitchens & food factories

  • It works very fast and leaves the glass spotless and 100% streak free

Evans Glasswash Extra - Where to use

This super heavy duty dishwashing detergent was designed as a dishwasher for areas with hard water. The product will neutralise the effects of limescale and it will deep clean the dishes to a perfect streak free finish. Compatible with all domestic and commercial dishwashing machines fitted with single or multi solution tanks. To achieve even better results use it in conjunction with Evans Rinse Aid.

Evans Glasswash Extra - How to use

If you are using some type of automatic glass washing machine, you need to find the cleaning solution tank and add the product undiluted. The machine will automatically dilute the product to the manufacturers recommendation. No need to add any extra booster or powder to achieve better results. Evans Glasswash Extra will deep clean your glasses and will also protect the dishwashing machine. A proper industrial dishwashing detergent. Do not use it for manual dishwashing to avoid burning your skin.

Do not waste your money on inefficient low cost dishwashing detergents. Try the new Evans Glasswash Extra and you will be impressed. The dilution, the cleaning power and the low foam formula, make this product the ideal dishwashing detergent. To be fully appreciated, it needs to be used. Join the thousands of commercial and domestic customers happily using this product for years.

Evans Glasswash Extra

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