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Grey Wood Stain

-light grey oil based wood stain from Tover

-can be applied on all types of wood surfaces

-to be applied over new or newly sanded wood surfaces

-will create a light grey colour on bright wood

-to be applied with a cloth/towel or a floor pad

-suitable for staining wood floors and woodwork 

-to be overcoated with a two pack floor lacquer

-unique finish, quick drying, elegant, affordable

-it will cover between 20 to 30 square M per L

Grey Wood Stain - Why Tover

From time to time we all feel like a change would be good. Even if you own fancy wood floors, aftera few years of use, you might want to refresh the look of your home. Changing the colour of your floor can be the first step. Tover wood stains are designed to change the colour of any wood surface without creating artificial finishes. The stain will not make the wood surface “grey”, but instead it will just give the wood a hint of grey. Tover wood stains are very easy to use, look great, dry fast and create a special elegance.

Grey Wood Stain - Where to use

You can use the Grey Wood Stain on any solid or semi solid wood floor or wood surface after all the pre-existing finishes have been removed. The wood stain has to penetrate the wood for it to dry. The Grey Wood Stain can only be used on very bright wood surfaces. If applied to a dark wood, like oak, it will not look grey at all. Instead it will look brownish. Suitable for internal and external use. 

Grey Wood Stain - How to apply

Ensure that the wood surface is dry, dust free and finish free. Use a cloth to apply the wood stain around the edges and all hard to reach areas. Be very careful not to stain painted surfaces, carpets or walls. If you are staining a small area, you can do it all with a towel or a cloth. If you are staining a large wood floor, you might have to use a floor buffer and an applicator pad. Apply a thin coat of wood stain and remove the excess. The wood surface will absorb whatever it needs and you will need to go along the fire of the wood a few times to avoid over soaking the surface. Alway apply the stain going along with the wood fibre. If some areas look different than other areas, you need to buff the floor more. Different colour on the wood floor means that some areas have absorbed more stains than others. 

3-10 hours later, you will need to seal the wood stain. Bear in mind that a wood stain is not a sealer, but a colour. It has to be fully sealed before traffic can start on it. You will have to use two pack water based floor lacquers. Use Tover Idrolak DR 97 Floor Lacquer to seal the stain.

Grey Wood Stain

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