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- one of the best selling wood stains from Tover brand

- 1 litre of grey wood stain should cover at least 50 sq m

- one coat of wood stain will provide a light grey finish

 -two coats of grey wood stain will provide a rich grey

-suitable for staining wood floors and ll types of furniture


Grey Wood Stain Guide

Grey surfaces began way back in the 90s. Back then, it was mainly on kitchen cabinets. Today, Grey Wood Stain is used on all kinds of surfaces-- from flooring and doors to decks and furniture. Why is grey so popular? It can make your surfaces look modern or straight out of the medieval times. It can give your home a traditional or contemporary look. The resultant hue depends on the deepness of the wood stain, which is dictated by your personal preference. The Grey Wood Stain also affects the feel of a room depending on the space in which you're working. For instance, light grey cabinets in a small kitchen makes it look bigger. Darker hues absorb more light and you can use them to give your room a cooler feel. The Grey Wood Stain also enhances the grain of the wood, enabling you to bring out its natural patterns.


The Grey Wood Stain works across the scope- whether you’re getting ready to move into a new house and want to give your furniture a facelift, or you want to enhance the appearance of your patio. You may want to touch up your flooring to spruce up your home or enhance the value of a property you want to sell. Perhaps you're getting ready to welcome a little one into the family, and you want to stain the dresser, toy box and crib for the nursery. You may want the grey touch for your workplace floors and furniture to create an enhanced appeal that will have your clients and employees in awe. The Grey Wood Stain is up to the task.


Benefits Of The Grey Wood Stain

1. Aesthetic appeal

This is the mean reason behind its popularity. It enhances the wood fibre with a grey hue. You can apply a light coat for a light grey sheen, or additional coats for a deeper tone.


2. It's versatile

You can use the Grey Wood Stain on all kinds of wood floors and furniture. It's suitable for use on both residential and commercial property. You can stain interior and exterior wood, and give it that distinct grey appeal.


3. Economical

The Grey Wood stain gives you value for your money. It has a wide area coverage, with one litre being able to cover about 25 square metres. This makes it budget friendly, and feasible for use in homes and office buildings.


4. Fast drying time

You don’t want to close off sections of your mall, retail store, gallery, showroom or other kind of business premises for long. You don't want to be locked out of rooms in your house because of a damp floor. You don’t want to stain your favourite seat and not be able to use it for days. The Grey Wood Stain ensures that your activities are not hampered. It dries quickly, with home owners being able to even sleep in the house in the same day of application. This is an added bonus to companies staining wood surfaces in people’s homes and offices, as it increases your efficiency and enhances your service delivery. 


How To Use The Grey Wood Stain

Plan your work. Which surfaces do you want to apply the Grey Wood Stain? Is it the floor, kitchen cabinet, table top, sides of the furniture etc.? It's advised that you do one section at a time.


· Prepping the wood surface

The first step when applying any wood stain is to prepare the surface. Note that the Grey Wood Stain has to be applied on an unsealed surface, so you'll need to get rid of any coats of polish or other finishing. Use a stripper if necessary. Sand the surface to open up the wood pores and get rid of any scratches. Vacuum the surface and wipe it down using a lint-free rag to get rid of all the sanding dust. Ensure that the surface is completely clean and dry before you proceed.


· Preparing the Grey Wood Stain

Stir it thoroughly. It's better to stir rather than shake. Shaking causes bubbles to be created, which may be transferred onto the wood surface.


· Applying the wood stain

You can use a staining pad, foam brush, bristle brush or even a rag. Use smooth light strokes and work in the direction of the grain. Apply one even coat.  


· Finishing the Grey Wood Stain Application

Wipe of the excess. This will prevent it from becoming sticky and uneven. For this part, it's recommended that you have plenty of lint-free rags available. Allow the wood surface to dry. Give it at least 6 hours before allowing light foot traffic (if it’s a floor), and 24 hours before resuming normal use of the item. Let it air dry. Avoid turning on your fan to speed up the process. Remember that the wood surface is sticky and will trap the things that the fan will blow all over, leading to a fuzzy and linty mess. 


The longer you leave the stain on before wiping off the excess, the deeper the colour will be. However, do not let the excess dry on the wood surface. Note that you should apply a light coat. It will give you a light grey finish. If you desire a deeper grey finish, add additional coats, whilst allowing sufficient drying time in between consecutive coats. It's better to apply 2-3 light coats compared to 1 thick coat. 


Tips For Applying The Grey Wood Stain

· Protect the surfaces regions around the places you're applying the Grey Wood Stain. For instance, if you're applying it on a countertop, you can place a layer of newspaper underneath it to catch any stain that drips. 


· Results vary from one wood surface to the next. Do a spot test before application to ensure that you will be satisfied with the outcome. 


· You can apply a pre-stain wood conditioner to get an even smoother finish. This is especially for those woods like Birch, Hard Maple, Alder and Aspen that don't absorb stain evenly. Remember to lightly sand the wood surface after applying the pre-stain wood conditioner.


· Clean your tools after you're done to make them last longer. You can use mineral spirits or paint thinners.


· After applying the Grey Wood Stain, you can add a finish to the surface. It can be oil-based or water-based. However, ensure that you've given the wood surface at least 24 hours to fully dry before adding coats of varnishes or sealants.


· Make sure that the wood piece that you have stained dried in a traffic and dust-free area. This will prevent dirt and other things that may float its way from sticking on it.


Grey Wood Stain - Professional results for less!

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