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-high quality general hard surface cleaner

-refreshing lemon perfume and suitable for all surfaces

-soft general surface cleaner with low PH

-very long lasting and very cost efficient cleaning product

-one of the cheapest hard surfaces cleaners in Ireland


H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner – How it works

H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner is a neutral low PH general cleaning product that can be used on any washable hard surface. Suitable for cleaning sealed and unsealed surfaces. H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner is a light bathroom cleaner, light kitchen cleaner, window cleaning detergent, floor cleaning product, furniture and painted surface polisher. H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner can be used with all known cleaning methods. Spray and wipe is the easiest way of using this product and the most efficient. H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner is a big hit with local office cleaning companies and general house cleaning companies. One affordable cleaning product for a number of jobs.


H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner – Dilution

One of its main advantages is its high dilution ratio. If H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner is used as a general hard surface cleaner and maintainer it can be diluted to a dilution ratio of 1 to 150. One 5L container of H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner can generate up to 1000 spray bottles of cleaning product. For floor cleaning or heavier cleaning jobs use a dilution of 1 to 50 for best results.


H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner – Where to use

H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner is not known to damage any cleanable surface. It can be used wherever cleaning is required without worrying about damaging any surface. H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner is a brilliant computer screen cleaner, telephone cleaner, desk cleaner, glass cleaner, wood cleaner, blinds cleaner, kitchen maintenance, bathroom maintenance, etc.


H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner – Safety

If you regularly use or if you plan to regularly use H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner you have no reason to worry about your health. This soft cleaning product presents no risk to you, your staff, your family, pets or plants. If you use this cleaning product daily use of gloves would be recommended.


H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner – Recommendation

H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner is a general cleaning product very popular within the school cleaning industry, office cleaning, public building cleaning etc. or any other place where keeping costs low is a priority. High dilution ratio and excellent cleaning power have made H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner one of the most widely used general hard surface cleaners. It can be used for the domestic cleaning market as well. Its strong lemon perfume is guaranteed to clean and refresh.


H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner – cleaning just got cheaper!

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