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Evans Handsan Hand Wash 5L

€26.91 Ex Tax: €21.88


-alcohol based professional quality hand soap

-suitable in areas with no water connection

-cleans & disinfects in one easy wash

-evaporates within a few seconds

-ideal for hospitals & the food industry

-very long lasting


Evans Handsan Hand Wash – Where to use

Evans Handsan Hand Wash is a professional alcohol based hand soap that is recommended for use in hospitals and public buildings. This product requires no water to do its job, just rub your hands together until it evaporates. Evans Handsan Hand Wash is one of the most cost efficient hand soaps available, only a small quantity of soap can deep clean your skin. Evans Handsan Hand Wash is a hand soap and a brilliant anti bacterial cleaner.


Evans Handsan Hand Wash – Dispensers

Evans Handsan Hand Wash can be bought in 500 ml bottles or 5L containers. The 500 ml bottle can be use as a dispenser and it can be refilled as needed. Evans Handsan Hand Wash can be used with any type of soap dispenser, electric or mechanic.


Evans Handsan Hand Wash – Safety

This hand wash is alcohol based so should not be placed or used near naked flames. Not recommended for use by kids under 12 years or people with skin cuts or irritations. Store away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children.


Evans Handsan Hand Wash – Recommendation

If you are looking for an alcohol based hand soap that requires no water to be used, you should consider Evans Handsan Hand Wash. This alcohol based hand wash will deep clean your skin and disinfect in one go. Affordable and long lasting.



Evans Handsan Hand Wash – clean and disinfect your hands regularly without water!

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