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Hard Floor Wand

-professional quality stainless steel hard floor wand

-it will work with most wet vacs & extraction machines

-made from very durable & rust free stainless steel

-it is shaped in such a way to make floor cleaning easy

-this hard floor wand has removable squeegee system

-the wand is fitted with very heavy duty plastic brushes

-it will scrub and then dry hard floors in one easy move

-this hard floor wand was designed for commercial use


Hard Floor Wand


Hard Floor Wand Review

Hard floors need regular maintenance to keep them looking good for longer. You want your wood floor to maintain its sheen, your tiled surfaces to keep their elegance, and even your concrete floors to maintain their durability. As such, you need efficient tools to get rid of the dirt and grime that's tracked onto the surface by your shoes, the pet hair and dander that is left all over by your furry friend, and even the accidental food and beverage spills that risk staining the surface. One such tool is the Hard Floor Wand.


You can't work on hard floors with just any product in the market. You must avoid any product that can cause cracks and other kinds of damage to the flooring. You can’t simply rely on traditional vacuum cleaners on these surfaces, as they will likely scratch your hard floors, and also not do a very good task picking up the dirt. To clean the hard floors, you have to seek a product that has sufficient power and versatility to deal with the dirt, grease, spills and pet hair without harming your floor. That's where the Hard Floor Wand comes in. Here is an in-depth look at what it is, and what it does for you.


What Is The Hard Floor Wand?

This cleaning tool is designed for hard floors. You can use it with your portable extraction floor cleaning machine or truck-mounted system. It's specially structured for wet vacuuming. This means that it does the work of a broom and dustpan as well as that of a mop and bucket. You use it with a spray jet system. The brush strip agitates the hard floor surface, and the squeegee creates suction. This extracts the cleaning solution and soiling from your floor surface. The Hard Floor Wand is also designed to tackle liquid spills as well as dry dirt and dust.


Benefits Of The Hard Floor Wand


· Effectively cleans

Your goal is to the dirt and grime off your floor. Whether you simply just want to clean your floor, or to prepare it for sealing or polishing, the Hard Floor Wand is the tool for you. It results in a more hygienic finish, compared to simply mopping your floor. After getting rid of the grease and gunk on your floor, it leaves it ready to use. No need to seal off sections of your building, mall, or be locked out of rooms in your own house. You can resume using the floor immediately after working on it using the Hard Floor Wand.


· Wide area coverage

You want to optimise your cleaning operations. The 450mm wide expanse of the Hard Floor Wand's head gives you optimal floor coverage, enabling you to reach a wide expanse with each swipe. That way, you’ll finish cleaning faster.


· Multipurpose

You can use it on all kinds of hard floor surfaces. It'll work on everything from wood and linoleum to vinyl and tiles surfaces. It’s also used on slate, natural stone (like granite and marble), clay, ceramic, and brick flooring (including sand and lime bricks). The water pressure through a spray jet creates extreme force for cleaning severely soiled areas. Then simply agitate, rinse and vacuum the surface. Alternatively, you can use a brush head for the entire cleaning process, or just rely on a squeegee head- whichever brings you the result you desire from your cleaning operation


· Adjustable grab handle

Everyone has different cleaning requirements, and we all have different heights. In addition, in order to clean some areas under furniture, you may need to slouch a bit. The Hard Floor Wand comes with an adjustable grab handle that enables you to find your perfect position and lock it in.


· Ergonomic 

The Hard Floor Wand enables you to work in a comfortable and relaxed state. Its long handle enables you to reach far areas including the back of your cabinets, and under furniture. You can also easily work on awkward areas such as stairs, toilet cubicles, and even under kitchen units without having to get onto your hands and knees. It easily manoeuvres around obstacles that are known to cause strain to people using conventional cleaning methods, such as crowded spaces full of desks and chairs.


· Easy to use and maintain

The Hard Floor Wand is easy to clean. A quick rinse is all that is usually needed. You also don’t want to spend hours learning how to work a new tool. Attaching the brush/squeegee head is to the Hard Floor Wand a breeze, and quick due to the less complex design which is fully functional.


· Controlled cleaning

Sometimes you just want to remove some caked-on residue or stubborn stain from a small section of your floor, without having to wet the entire room. The Hard Floor Wand enables you to blast away grease and grime without soaking the other areas. 


· Durable

Working with a product that cleans effectively but keeps breaking down is frustrating. You want a tool that you can use for long, without having to worry about repairs or replacements. The Hard Floor Wand ensures that you never go through this experience. It comes with a robust construction that can handle both light-duty use at home and heavy duty industrial cleaning. It's built to last, a property that contributes to its popularity among homeowners and hard floor cleaning and care specialists. The wand ensures that most of your time is spent enjoying your cleaning chores.


How To Use The Hard Floor Wand

It's simple to use. It thoroughly rinses away the dirt and slurry that's generated after scrubbing hard floor areas. Follow these steps:


1. Attach the Hard Floor Wand to your hose set. (Just like a carpet cleaning wand)


2. Spray the cleaning solution. 


3. Agitate the surface with the brush. You can add some extra elbow grease for stubborn stains and grease.


4. Rinse the floor.


5. Use the squeegee to vacuum up both the mixture of cleaning solution, dirt, debris, grease and other kinds of gunk from your floor.


Note that you should observe the cleaning requirements for your specific type of surface when using the Hard Floor Wand. For instance: wood flooring should not be cleaned with vinegar or excessive water; pay particular attention to the grout lines for tiles surfaces; avoid harsh cleaners that can damage the sealers and polish coatings etc.


Hard Floor Wand - professional results for less!

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