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-the stronges bin bags available in Ireland

-suitable for commercial and domestic jobs

-made from 100% biodegradable plastic 

-made from 65 micron plastic components

-available in rolls of 25 or boxes of 8 rolls

-it is suitable for the construction industry 


Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags Review

Garbage bins are crucial for waste management. We all need somewhere to toss the trash. Otherwise there would be piles of gunk in the corners of our homes and businesses, and that would be an eyesore. Pests and insects would have a field day. Some like paper when allowed to spread in the area would create a fire hazard. So you go ahead and get the right bin for your residential or commercial premises. But what of the grime that's going into the bin? It will line the edges, stick to the corners and become a hustle to remove. You want to manage the garbage, not struggle to clean the bin every time you empty it. Convenience factors in. You want to be able to lift and take out the trash without having to haul around a heavy bin all the time. The garbage collection crew would also like their workload to be reduced. You can do that with the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags.


Garbage creates odours. It's a fact of life. The decaying matter causes a build-up of stenches, which if not properly controlled can reek up the entire premises. You don’t want your home becoming unbearable, or the employees in your business premises walking around with perked up noses. It has a direct implication on the quality of life that you live, and the amount of profit that your business makes. The sight and stench from spilled garbage can cause customers to flee from your office building, restaurant or retail space, and they take your revenue with them. At home, you can barely sit back to relax and enjoy the weekend when odours are pervading your nostrils. And it's not just your comfort that's at stake. The decay attracts hordes of insects and pests. The rats, mice, flies and cockroaches coming over are carriers of pathogens, increasing the health risk that the persons in your establishment are exposed to. You can prevent this from happening by getting a quality bin bag that holds in the odours, preventing them from spreading. That is possible with the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags. 


Benefits Of The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags

1. Superior strength

The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags are true to their name. They come with enhanced strength and durability, enabling them to be used in areas where there is a high rate of waste generation, from commercial like industries, to home gardens and office buildings. The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags can hold everything from the conventional mouldy food and leftovers, fish and meat bones and skin, tea bags and coffee grounds, eggs and their shells, cheese and yoghurt from cooking activities, office waste like shredded paper, directories, catalogues and boxes all through to edge clippings, grass cuttings, leaves, as you do your gardening, and even metal tins and cans.


2. Large holding capacity

The 26 x 44 Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags give you plenty of space to hold the amount of waste being generated in your establishment. It can meet the demands of commercial kitchens with high traffic of customers, all through to handling industrial waste and taking care of large gatherings like those in sports complexes and event galas. The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags can carry up to 21kg of waste.


3. Extra thick

The bags comes at 65 microns thick, which further enhances their durability. This broadens the scope of applications of the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags, since they are more resistant to punctures. This additionally enables the bags to hold in the odours, preventing them from spreading to the surrounding air space.


4. Opaque bin bag

The black colour of the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags is also beneficial. This is mainly to do with aesthetics. For instance, in case the trash is going to be carried through common areas in your office building or hospitality environment, you want to be able to hide the contents. You don’t want to gross out the customers in your building. The black Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags additionally protects the décor of your interior space. Trash simply looks better in black. As a welcome plus, the bin bags won’t be a magnet to animals like rodents and raccoons scavenging for a quick meal. You get to avoid the bag getting torn open and waste strewn all over your curb before the garbage collection crew arrives to take it away.


5. Eco-friendly waste management

The bags are 100% biodegradable. After disposal, they will fully disintegrate and restore the nutrients held within them to the environment. As such, by using the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags you will be able to take part in your role to reduce the amount of waste piling up in landfills, positively impacting on the planet as a whole. For your business, you will attract more customers due to the aspect of employing green practices in different sectors of your enterprise.


6. Budget friendly

The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags give you more bang for your buck. For one, they come in affordable cases of 8 rolls each, with each roll giving you 25 sacks. As such, a single case can be used for numerous applications in your business premises. Moreover, the large volume of the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags means that each can hold more waste, further cutting down your waste management costs. Since you won’t be double-bagging each bin in a bid to prevent tearing, you get to ensure that each of the bin bags serves its intended purpose, from the setup all through to the disposal of the waste.


Tips For Using The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags

· Ensure that you empty your bin regularly. Usually this is done weekly, on the garbage collection days. It depends on the rate of waste generation. Some establishments such as commercial kitchens can have their waste collected daily. However, also dispose the garbage when there is a high amount of waste that has been produced, like after a party at your premises. 

· Avoid pouring liquid waste directly into the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags. Place it in smaller bags first, to protect them from punctures caused by other items in the trash. The goal is to prevent the liquids from spilling over the rest of the contents, and increasing the rate of decomposition due to the high moisture levels. 

· Sharp objects like needles should first be put in containers before being tossed into the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags.


Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags 65 Micron!


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