Heavy Duty Floor Cleaners

Heavy duty floor cleaners and commercial floor cleaning solutions. Highly effective floor cleaning products

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Cleanfast Pine Gel PH 13

Cleanfast Pine GelGeneral purpose cleaner and multi surface disinfectantIt is suitable for cleaning all types of washable surfacesRecommended for cleaning floor tiles, bathrooms, bins, sinksThe cheape..

Cleanfast Scrub Clean - Low Foam Floor Degreaser

Cleanfast Scrub Clean Low Foam Floor CleanerA concentrated alkaline universal heavy duty floor cleaner (low foam)It can be used with a standard mopping system or with a scrubber drierIt will provide a..
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Craftex Catering Safe Floor Cleaner & Sanitiser 5L

Craftex Catering Safe Floor Cleaner & Sanitiser Professional heavy duty floor cleaner for the catering industryCleans, degreases, sanitises and disinfects in one goSafe to use on safety floor..
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Craftex Natural Stone Floor Cleaner 5L

Craftex Natural Stone Floor Cleaner-professional floor cleaning product suitable for all types of floors-it can be used for manual washing or with a scrubber dryer-safe to use even on highly polished ..

Evans E.M.C Plus Floor Cleaner & Degreaser 5L

 Evans E.M.C Plus Floor Cleaner & Degreaser-super concentrated alkali degreaser & general cleaner-removes with ease grease, fat & oils from most surfaces-high dilution ratio means ver..

Evans Low Foam Heavy Floor Cleaner

Evans Low Foam Heavy Floor Cleaner Heavy duty highly effective low foam floor cleaner compatible with a scrubber drierSafe to use on all types of polished & unpolished floor surfaces, certifi..

Evans Rubicon Oil Remover 5L

 Evans Rubicon Oil & Grease Remover-heavy duty grease & oil stain remover from most surfaces-strong alkali cleaning product with citrus fragrance-highly recommended for cleaning garages, ..
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