Heavy Duty Wheelie Bin Liners | 250 G | 30" x 45" x 54" (10 Bags Per Roll)

Heavy Duty Wheelie Bin Liners | 250 G | 30" x 45" x 54" (10 Bags Per Roll)

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Product Description

Heavy Duty Wheelie Bin Liners 30" x 46" x 54"

Extra strong & extra large wheelie bin liners

Sure to hold a full load of mixed types of rubbish

Highly recommended for commercial & domestic use

The strongest wheelie bin liners available in Ireland

Wheelie Bin Liners - Rolls Of 10 Bags


In the current time where everything seems to be either packed up or bottled up in plastic or glass, trash has become an overwhelming global problem. In Ireland alone, the amount of trash has almost tripled since the 1960’s.Fast forward to the 21st Century, and garbage has become the order of the day; pushing governments worldwide to set up big institutions and hefty policies around waste management. Seemingly, wherever you are and whatever you do, garbage accumulation is a common endpoint. When you prepare dinner at home, you make trash. If you pick Chinese takeout instead, you make trash. You work, you make trash. Garbage is literally around us and cannot be avoided.


Trash can be difficult to manage. Improperly managed garbage can is breeding zones to serious disease causing organisms that lead to serious health implications. The bad odor from badly managed trash is a huge environmental pollutant and degrades the quality of life by stealing away the comfort of all in its surroundings. We cannot forget the torture, inconvenience and lack of comfort that unsightly heaps of badly disposed garbage implicates on us. Having established that trash is here to stay, it is therefore important to take on measures that ensure that it is properly managed and disposed of. One of those measures, perhaps the most basic, is the use of wheelie bin liners. Wheelie bin liners are disposable bags, majorly plastic in material, that are used to contain garbage. They are used to line the insides of waste containers to prevent direct contact that could result in them getting coated in waste material. Wheelie Bin Liners have been used since their Invention in 1950 and due to their vital need have been adopted as a necessity in almost every household around the world. With their necessity making them great selling products in the markets, multiple companies have set into this venture. This wide range of choice may prove to be a hard task while trying to determine what wheelie bin liners are best for you and would suit your needs. Worry not. Below I will describe the most common characteristics of great wheelie bin liners. I can guarantee you that the next time you shop for wheelie bin liners, you will be sure what to pick and what not to.


Great Wheelie Bin Liners are Heavy duty.

Heavy duty wheelie Bin liners are ideal as they are able to contain a large variety of garbage. You can safely dispose of your food waste, asbestos, clinical waste and even sharp waste without being too careful as to tear them. Their thick material will enable them to contain waste of up to 20 kg when not overloaded without tearing. Most heavy duty wheelie bin liners are gauged 250 and above. Heavy duty wheelie bin liners can also be used to store heavy luggage and collect trash on building sites. They are so efficient because they do not break easily .Heavy duty wheelie Bin liners are also durable and do not require constant change resulting from quick tears, saving you money.


Advantages of using Wheelie Bin liners.


Wheelie Bin Liners are easy to use.

Wheelie bin lines are easy to tear off and spread across the wheelie bin. Most are designed to fit many types and sizes of wheelie bins. 

Wheelie Bin liners keep bad odor away.

With just a simple knot on a wheelie bin liner, bad smell emanating from stored trash is kept away. What a better way to add a little peace of mind into your life.

Wheelie Bin liners are made in a variety of sizes to perfectly fit your needs.

Whether you want a liner for a small bin or as large as 240 liters, wheelie bin liners are made in many sizes so you can pick that which perfectly fits into your bin.

Wheelie bin liners are convenient for use.


Wheelie bin liners reduce the contact between you and foul smelling garbage. They will also ensure no contact between waste material and your wheelie bins thus keep them away from soiling. It is also very convenient to pick trash off from the wheelie bin as it’s easy to just pulling out from the edges. You will be able to easily transport your trash or package it ready for transportation and disposal by garbage tracks.


Wheelie bin liners are affordable.

Most wheelie bin liners are very cheap to purchase and are readily available in many stores, physical and online.


Proper use of wheelie bin liners.

· From a stack of wheelie bin liners, pick out one carefully and spread it out to reveal an opening.

· Fit your wheelie bin liner properly around the rim of your bin, making sure that the body of the liner aligns with the inside of your bin. If you fit your wheelie bin liner correctly, it will often stay in place.

· Dispose your trash carefully inside the liner already attached to the bin being careful not to spill it out to the outsides of the bin.

· Carefully tie a loose knot on the wheelie bin liner to contain your garbage better and to keep off bad smell.

· Wash your hands with detergent and a lot of clean water after disposing waste into and handling wheelie bin liners


· Keep wheelie bin liners away from children’s reach to avoid risk of suffocation or ingestion.

· Allow hot refuse to fully cool before placing them in the wheelie bin liner.

· Keep wheelie bin liners away from a naked flame or fire. They are highly flammable and could cause great harm if they caught fire.


Wheelie bin liners are a must have item in every home. Great wheelie bin liners will guarantee you great waste management.


Wheelie Bin Liners - Professional quality for less!





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