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Cleanfast D-Active 20 Washing Up Liquid

  • Highly efficient washing up liquid suitable for commercial and domestic use

  • Aggressive on grease but gentle on skin

  • Can be used as a hard surface cleaner & degreaser

  • Very concentrated, very cost effective & long lasting

  • Pleasant floral fragrance, 100% made in Ireland

Cleanfast D-Active 20 Washing Up Liquid - Where to use

This is one of the most efficient washing up liquids available on the Irish market. This product breaks grease, food, fats and other residues instantly. It will reduce the level of scrubbing required to achieve amazing results and it will not generate a lot of foam. It can be used for domestic washing up, floor cleaning projects, car washing, wall washing, window cleaning and much more. It can be used on any washable surface. Many commercial kitchens use this high-quality washing up liquid as their main cleaning product. Cleanfast D-Active 20 Washing Up Liquid is tough on dirt but gentle on your skin.

Cleanfast D-Active 20 Washing Up Liquid - How to use

One small drop of washing up liquid will wash a lot of dishes. Bear in mind that this product is highly concentrated so small amounts should be used. Dilute the product before using it as a cleaning agent. Heavily soiled dishes and pots might require pre-soaking before washing. Use a hand scrub / scourer to wash dishes or very dirty surfaces. Scrub when necessary. Always use this product in conjunction with warm or hot water. If you are washing your car, two drops of washing up liquid per 10 L of water will do the job.

Cleanfast D-Active Washing Up Liquid - Dilution

The recommended dilution for this amazing washing up liquid is 1 to 500. This dilution only applies when you plan to use this product as a hard surface cleaner. A tiny drop of washing up liquid on the soft side of a hand scrub /scourer will go a long way. Do not use the product undiluted to avoid creating sticky surfaces.

This product is 100% made in Ireland 100%. We are proud to sell a washing up liquid made locally by a local factory which is comparable in quality and performance to all the well known international brands. Try it today and you will love it.

Cleanfast D-Active Washing Up Liquid

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