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Cleanfast Pine Gel

  • General purpose cleaner and multi surface disinfectant
  • It is suitable for cleaning all types of washable surfaces
  • Recommended for cleaning floor tiles, bathrooms, bins, sinks
  • The cheapest way of maintaining high traffic public toilets
  • This product is recommended for the commercial market
  • Great value, great cleaning power & very cost effective
  • Effective on stainless steel, plastic, glass, vinyl and chrome
  • PH 13 - so it needs to be handled by professionals only
  • It will clean clean and it will not leave any residue
Cleanfast Pine Gel - Where to use
One of the most powerful pine gels available in Ireland. This product is at least 3 times stronger than its closest competitor. It can be used to clean and disinfect all types of commercial bathrooms, school bathrooms, industrial floors and warehouse floors. It is safe to use on porcelain, ceramic, plastic, glass, chrome, stainless steel and polished floors. A quick clean with a standard mop will clean and disinfect the floor in one go. Cleanfast Pine Gel will clean the surfaces without leaving residue behind. This product is very popular within the commercial market.
Cleanfast Pine Gel - How to use
Using this powerful lemon gel could not be easier. Due to its amazing cleaning power most companies will use it with a standard mopping system. Dilute 1 part pine gel with 40 parts warm water and clean your floors as usual. Cleanfast Pine Gel will disinfect instantly and will get rid of all types of bad odours. It can be used as a daily maintainer or as a heavy duty floor cleaner. Pre-soak the floor when disinfecting floors in very bad shape. Allow 5 min to act and scrub well with a brush. Bear in mind that most pine gels have a PH3 to PH6. This product is PH13. It is very strong.
Another quality product from the Cleanfast range. This product is manufactured in Ireland. Try it today, you will not be disappointed. Spend less and achieve better results with Cleanfast.

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