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Cleanfast Thick Bleach Extra

-highly efficient universal thick bleach extra 5L

-suitable for bathroom cleaning and disinfecting

-this product contains a pleasant deodoriser

-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning

- much stronger than similar cleaning products

-7% sodium hypochlorite & sodium hydroxide

-suitable for all types of heavy duty cleaning

-recommended for floor & wall cleaning jobs

-not suitable for painted or varnished surfaces


Cleanfast Thick Bleach Extra – Where to use

Bear in mind at all times that Cleanfast Thick Bleach Extra is a highly toxic cleaning product suitable for professional use. This product is suitable for use on all types of ceramic fittings, tiles, walls, etc. It will clean and disinfect any type of surface where it is applied. It can be used straight or diluted, depending on what type of cleaning is required. Cleanfast Thick Bleach Extra can be used for cleaning and descaling toilets. It will attach to the toilet walls and it will break all the lime scale build ups and general toilet dirt. It can be used to clean and disinfect mops and cleaning cloths. Suitable for whitening cloths or rags if used diluted. It will provide outstanding results when cleaning grout. Apply a tick coat of bleach over the grout, allow 20 minutes to work and then scrub it with a semi hard brush. Dirt stands no chance.


Cleanfast Thick Bleach Extra – How to use

You cannot use this highly efficient thick bleach on polished or sealed surfaces. You cannot use our thick bleach on painted or varnished surfaces. Cleanfast Thick Bleach Extra can be used for general cleaning and maintenance of bathrooms and washrooms. You can use it in conjunction with a cotton mop or with a spray bottle. Dilute the product 1 to 200 for daily floor mopping and maintenance. For heavy duty cleaning you will have the dilution rate to 1 to 10 or less. If you need to disinfect dirty mops or cloths, please add about 100 ml of bleach over 10 l of water and allow it to soak overnight. For daily floor washing please add 50 ml of thick bleach over 10 l of warm water and mop your floors as usual. If you need to deep clean or descale heavy duty build ups, you will need to apply the bleach over the whole area and allow time to work. Never ever mix Cleanfast Thick Bleach Extra with other cleaning products. Never ever mix Cleanfast Thick Bleach Extra with boiling water. The fumes can easily knock you out.


Cleanfast Thick Bleach Extra – Recommendation

You are just about to use one of the most efficient thick bleaches out there. This product works and works fast. Unlike other types of bleaches, Cleanfast Thick Bleach Extra contains a pleasant fragrance. It will clean and refresh the whole area in one go. Use your common sense when using bleach. Avoid drips from the bottles and only wash bathroom floors and walls. Do not use the same mops soaked with bleach to wash other types of floors. Keep the bleach stored in a safe place away from kids and pets. Do not use our bleach without wearing gloves. Do not use our bleach in places with no ventilation. Cleanfast Thick Bleach Extra is a highly active product, much stronger than similar products.


Cleanfast Thick Bleach Extra 5L




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