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Cleanfast Window Cleaner

  • Commercial and domestic window/glass/mirror cleaner

  • Suitable to use on all types of glass and porcelain floors

  • It contains a blend of chemicals that will remove grease

  • It can also remove haze, smudges & enzymes

  • Safe to use on glass, chrome, stainless steel, plastic, etc

  • It contains alcohol so it will evaporate within seconds

  • Cleanfast Window Cleaner will leave the glass streak free

  • Premium window cleaning product manufactured in Ireland


Cleanfast Window Cleaner - Where to use


A commercial and domestic professional window cleaning detergent. It can be used to clean and degrease glass, chrome, stainless steel, porcelain tiles, plastic surfaces and other washable surfaces. Highly concentrated alcohol based window cleaner. It will evaporate within seconds after the initial application. Cleanfast Window Cleaner contains a blend of cleaning agents that will break grease, enzymes, haze and other types of dirt from glass. It can be used to polish mirrors and glass furniture. An amazing highly concentrated glass cleaner.


Cleanfast Glass Cleaner - Where to use


This professional glass cleaner can be used to maintain or deep clean a wide range of surfaces including windows, mirrors, plastic, chrome, plastic, porcelain floors, painted surfaces, etc. A truly universal surface cleaner. The product can be diluted before use. Just spray onto the surface, lightly scrub and wait 5 seconds for the product to fully evaporate. It is that easy. Its PH7+ gives this product great cleaning power but makes it safe to use on sensitive surfaces.


A premium window & glass cleaner suitable for commercial and domestic use. This window cleaning product is made in Ireland.


Cleanfast Window Cleaner



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