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Honey Wood Stain 

-a light honey coloured wood stain from Tover

-suitable for darkening up very white wood floors

-will cover around 20 to 30 square meters per 1L

-to be applied with a cloth or a low speed buffer

-not suitable for staining very dark wood surfaces

-requires overcoating with a water based varnish

-suitable for exterior and interior wood staining jobs

-can be used on floors, stairs, furniture, frames

-no special training is required to use this wood stain

Honey Wood Stain - Why honey

Honey Wood Stain is not a hugely popular wood stain but it is very handy when you are trying to achieve a warmer finish on very white wood surfaces. It can also be used to even up colours when, after a quick sanding job, you discover that there are a few different tones to the white wood floorboards that don`t look right. Staining with Honey Wood Stain will make the whole surface blend nicely.

Honey Wood Stain - Where to use

This light wood stain can be used on any type of wood surface. It is mostly used on pine floors, pine frames & furniture and pine doors. For some people, the pine colour is too generic and dull so they stain it with Honey Wood Stain to make it look a bit more “cosy”. Not suitable to use on dark types of wood surfaces like walnut or oak. It will not be visible at all. Bear in mind that all wood stains are colours only and will require overcoating with a sealer. If you are staining outdoor furniture, you will need to use a sealer that was designed for exterior use.

Honey Wood Stain - How to use

Anyone can use the Honey Wood Stain. You do not need special training to be able to stain wood surfaces but you will need to use your common sense. A wood stain has to penetrate the wood to change the colour of it. It cannot penetrate if there is a sealant on it. If the floor/furniture has a sealer on it, you will need to remove it before staining. Also, the surface will have to be dry and dust free. The wood stain is oil based and it will not penetrate wet wood surfaces.

Put a pair of gloves on, prepare a cloth and get ready for work. Stir the tin well before use and soak the cloth in the stain. Apply the wood stain going along the fibre of the wood. Apply even pressure all over the surface. If some areas look different, go over it one more time to even up the colour. Make sure you do not touch painted surfaces or any other surface besides the wood. 3-8 hours later, seal the floor. Job done.

Honey Wood Stain - Coverage

You will achieve at least 20 sq meters per 1L but if you do it right, you could cover up to 50 sq meter. The manufacturer recommends 20-30 sq meter per 1L but it all depends on how you apply it, on what surface and how skillful you are. Always order a bit more stain than you need, just in case.

Honey Wood Stain 

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