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Hygiene Floor Squeegee

  • Product Code: RHUK45B
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Hygiene Floor Squeegee

  • Professional heavy duty universal floor squeegee

  • Suitable for domestic, commercial & industrial use

  • Compatible with the new Hygiene Aluminium Handle

  • Available in 45 cm and 60 cm, blue colour, very light

  • It will collect water from smooth & semi smooth floors

  • The rubber squeegee can be replaced as it gets used

Hygiene Floor Squeegee - Where to use

The Hygiene Floor Squeegee is the ideal floor tool for collecting water and moist residue from all types of smooth floor surfaces and tiles. The squeegee will achieve amazing results in no time and it will leave the surface nearly dry behind it. It can be used for collecting water after floods, for removing cleaning detergent after the floor is washed, for drying shop floors or any type of floor that is wet and needs quick drying to prevent it becoming very slippery and hazardous. The ideal tool for any professional floor cleaning company or maintenance company

Hygiene Floor Squeegee - How to use

The Hygiene Floor Squeegee is available in 45 cm and 60 cm. If the floor is very large and you want to cover a larger surface in one go, you should opt for the 60 cm floor squeegee. For smaller floor areas you should use the 45 cm floor squeegee. Screw in the Hygiene Aluminium Handle and attach the rubber squeegee firmly to the floor. Then just put some pressure on the handle and pull the floor squeegee in whatever direction you need to get rid of the water. Repeat the operation until the floor is dry. Very easy to use and the results are impressive. If you notice that the floor has streaks and markings after it is dried with the squeegee, you should replace the rubber head.

To prevent cross contamination, the new Hygiene Floor Squeegee is available in 5 different colours. We stock the blue floor squeegee as this is the most widely used but we can supply the squeegee in white, red, yellow and green if pre-ordered.

Hygiene Floor Squeegee

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