Tips & Advice

    Do you know that:
  • Evans Kitchen Degreaser becomes twice as strong if you mix it with hot water?
  • Evans Lemon Gel - 5 litres of Evans Lemon Gel should be enough to make 500 buckets of floor cleaning agent?
  • Evans Versatile Hard Surface Cleaner - 5 Litres of Evans Versatile should mix 1000 spray bottles of hard surface cleaner?
  • Evans Sure Strip - can be used as a tile & grout cleaner on unsealed tiled floors?
  • Evans G.A.C Acid Cleaner - can be used as a tile cleaner and descaler?
  • Black Floor Pads - are for scrubbing only?
  • Red Floor Pads - are for polishing all types of floors?
  • Bleach - if mixed up with hot water can create dangerous toxic fumes?
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