Sanitising Wipes

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Ecotech Abrasive Industrial Hand Wipes | 150 Wipes Per Pack

Ecotech Abrasive Industrial Hand WipesHeavy duty abrasive hand cleaning wipes suitable for industrial useIt will help scrub and remove oil stains, grease stains, solvent paintsSuitable for use in fact..

Ecotech Dry Patient Cleansing Wipes | Tube Of 150 Wipes

Ecotech Dry Patient Cleansing WipesDry patient cleansing wipes designed for healthcare facilities & nursing homesIt can be used with or without a body cleaner or some type of soapAlso suitable for..

Ecotech Industrial Hand Wipes | 150 Wipes Per Pack

Ecotech Industrial Hand WipesHigh quality hand wipes designed for trades, removes oils, grease, silicone, soil, etcIt emulsifies all kinds of residue to leave the hands degreased & spotlessIt can ..

Ecotech Luxury Dry Patient Cleansing Wipes | 250 Sheets

Ecotech Luxury Dry Patient Cleansing Wipes | 250 WipesLuxury delicate dry wipes for cleaning all skin typesManufactured from 100% natural, biodegradable materialsThe ideal dry wipe for applying lotion..

Ecotech Patient Cleansing Wipes | Tube Of 150 Wipes

Ecotech Patient Cleansing WipesProfessional patient cleansing wipes suitable for commercial & residential useDelicate on the skin, it contains Aloe Vera, slightly perfumed, wet cleaning wipesClean..

Ecotech Screen & Computer Wipes | Tube Of 100 Wipes

Ecotech Screen & Computer WipesAnti -static computer and phone cleaning wipes from EcotechSuitable for deep cleaning, degreasing and fingerprint removalEffective against a wide range of harmful ba..

Ecotech Solvent Wipes | 150 Wipes Per Pack

Ecotech Solvent WipesHeavy duty solvent based wipes for deep cleaning tools, equipment & grease splashesSuitable for heavy duty commercial, industrial and also all kinds of DIY tool degreasingIt w..

Ecotech Surface Disinfecting Wipes

Ecotech Surface Disinfecting WipesHighly effective disinfection and sanitisation wet wipes from EcotechSuitable for cleaning and daily disinfecting of all kinds of surfacesSold in a tub of 200 wipes |..

Envirowipe Barista Cloth 38 cm x 36 cm

Envirowipe Barista Cloth 38 cm x 36 cmProfessional quality barista wipe manufactured from compostable materialsSuitable for deep cleaning and polishing coffee machines100% food safe | Antibacterial | ..

Hard Surface Disinfection Wipes / 200 Per Tube/ 70% Alcohol

Hard Surface Disinfection Wipes / 200 Per Tube / 70% AlcoholHeavy duty alcohol based disinfection wipes from ClinitexPowerful disinfecting wipes, isopropyl alcohol based200 wipes per tube, foil sealed..

Non Alcohol Surface Sanitising Wipes x 1500 / Food Safe

-non alcoholic single use disinfecting & sanitising wipes-suitable for domestic and heavy duty commercial use-safe to use on all washable/painted/varnished surfaces-proven to kill 99.9% of food re..

Optima Proclean Office Wipes | 100 Per Tube

Optima Proclean Office WipesProfessional antibacterial wipes suitable for daily office cleaning jobsSafe to use on most surfaces, including computer keyboardsEliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria and p..

Optima Sanitising Probe Wipes x 200

Optima Sanitising Probe Wipes x 200-designed for cleaning and sanitise food preparation areas-suitable for cleaning and sanitise worktops and kitchen utensils-it will clean quick and it will safely di..

Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes X 200

 Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes-200 wipes per tube, suitable for commercial and domestic use-the most efficient and the easiest way of cleaning hard surfaces-one wipe will replace the need of ..

PAL TX Hand Sanitising Wipes

PAL TX Hand Sanitising WipesAlcohol based hand sanitizing wipes from PAL TXSuitable for cleaning, disinfecting & sanitizing handsAvailable in a tube of 150 large alcohol based wipesThe ideal hand ..
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