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Top quality toilet cleaners & descalers from premium brands. Available in 1l bottles & 5l containers

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Cleanfast Break Tru 1L - Heavy Duty Drain Cleaner & Unblocker

Cleanfast Break Tru Drain UnblockerOne of the most effective drain unblockers available in IrelandThis product is highly effective, highly active and can be dangerous if safety guidelines are not foll..
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Cleanfast Con Clean Acid Cleaner

Cleanfast Con Clean Acid Cleaner *** not suitable for delivery. Collection only*** -highly efficient and highly efficient general acid cleaner-suitable for removing mortar splashes from bric..

Cleanfast Duck Fresh 1L

Cleanfast Duck Fresh 1L - Toilet Cleaner & Descaler-professional toilet cleaner and toilet maintainer-Will prevent limescale buildup inside the toilet-powerful daily cleaner and odour neutraliser-..

Cleanfast Super Bowl - Ceramic, Tile & Grout Cleaner

Cleanfast Super Bowl Ceramic, Tile & Grout Cleaner-heavy duty industrial ceramic cleaner and tile & grout cleaner-it will remove organic growth, mould and dirt from tiles & grout-highly ef..
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Cleanfast Super Bowl Blue 12% - Toilet De-Scaler 1L

Cleanfast Super Bowl Blue - Toilet Cleaner & Descaler-heavy duty industrial toilet cleaner and descaler-amazing results guaranteed after only one wash-it will break limescale & toilet dirt nea..

Cleanfast Super Phos Blue - Safe On All Surface Toilet De-Scaler 1L

Cleanfast Super Phos Blue - Premium Toilet Cleaner & Descaler 1L-acidic heavy duty bathroom cleaner and toilet descaler-will remove lime scale, uric scale, rust & minerals from toilets-to be u..

Cleanfast Thick Bleach Extra 1L

Cleanfast Thick Bleach 1L-universal thick bleach suitable for bathroom & toilet cleaning-it comes with a duck neck bottle for very easy application-4% sodium hypochlorite, suitable for sterilizing..
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Cleanfast Thick Bleach Extra 5L

Cleanfast Thick Bleach Extra-highly efficient universal thick bleach extra 5L-suitable for bathroom cleaning and disinfecting-this product contains a pleasant deodoriser-suitable for commercial and do..

Evans Clean Fast Washroom Cleaner 750ML

 Evans Clean Fast Washroom Cleaner -highly active bathroom cleaner and washroom cleaner-it will generate a lot of very active bathroom cleaning foam-it will kill most types of bad bacteria and it..

Evans Cyclone Thick Bleach 5L

Evans Cyclone Thick Bleach Professional perfumed thick bleach suitable for commercial cleaningHighly effective bathroom cleaner, grout cleaner and toilet descalerIt will react with dirt in second..

Evans E-Phos Toilet Cleaner And Descaler

Evans E-Phos Toilet Cleaner & DescalerRemoves body fats, limescale and bathroom dirt deposits quickly & easilySuitable for heavy duty toilet and bathroom cleaning projectsMulti surface, bacter..

Evans Hi-Phos Toilet Cleaner And Descaler

Evans Hi-Phos Toilet Cleaner & DescalerRemoves body fats, limescale and bathroom dirt deposits quickly & easilySuitable for heavy duty toilet and bathroom cleaning projectsMulti surface, bacte..

Evans T.T.C - Thick Toilet Cleaner & Descaler

Evans T.T.C Thick Toilet Cleaner And Descaler-super fast acting toilet cleaner and descaler-very active acidic toilet cleaner and descaler-safe to use on porcelain, ceramic and quarry tiles-gets rid o..

Evans Toilet Cleaner & Descaler 1LT

Evans Toilet Cleaner & Descaler -acidic formulation for quick removal of limescale and body fats-removes most types of toilet build ups in minutes-long lasting perfume & regular use will preve..

Evans Urinal Channel Blocks 1066

Evans Channel Blocks 1066Heavy duty urinal channels suitable for commercial useCleans the urinal while deodorizing and disinfectingVery long lasting, strong lemon fragrance, water dissolvableContains ..
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