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Luxury hand, hair & body wash from highly regarded brands. Low foam and high foam hand soaps

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Cleanfast Beaded Cream Soap 5L

Cleanfast Beaded Cream Soap Heavy duty beaded hand gel suitable for commercial & industrial useSold in 5 L bottles, compatible with a gel hand dispenser, lemon scentRemoves grease, oils and g..
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Cleanfast Cream Pearl Hair & Body Shampoo

Cleanfast Cream Pearl Hair & Body Shampoo Premium quality hand, hair & body shampooPleasantly fragranced and very gentleSuitable for commercial and domestic useWill work with all types of..

Cleanfast Ginger, Black Pepper & Cardamom Hand Soap

Cleanfast Ginger, Black Pepper & Cardamom Hand Soap 5l-luxury hand soap manufactured in Ireland -the product is suitable for premium hotels & businesses-it contains a unique perfume &..

Cleanfast Ginger, Black Pepper & Cardamom Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML

 Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML- one of the most luxury & unique hand soaps- suitable for executive use & 5 star hotels- one of the most cost effective hand soaps- it will clean and so..

Cleanfast Millfrid Anti-Bac Hand Soap

Cleanfast Millfrid Anti-Bac Hand SoapProfessional quality perfume free antibacterial hand soap Suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial hand washingCompatible with all manual and automati..

Cleanfast Millfrid Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap 500 ML

Cleanfast Millfrid Antibacterial Hand Soap 500 ML-unperfumed antibacterial hand soap-this product is manufactured in Ireland-suitable for commercial & domestic use-very popular with the catering i..

Cleanfast Steri-San Hand Sanitizer Gel

Cleanfast Steri-San Hand Sanitizer Gel  Alcohol based disinfectant hand gelContains over 70% ethanol (alcohol)Will kill MRSA, fungi, flu bacteriaContains moisturizing and softening agentsOdo..

Cleanfast White Mulberry, Mimosa & GT Hand Soap

Cleanfast White Mulberry, Mimosa & Green Tea Hand SoapTop of the range hand, body and hair shampooUnique perfume, soft on skin & very long lastingContains a rich blend of fragrant oils & m..

Craftex 70% Hand Sanitising Gel / EU Approved 50ML

Craftex Hand Sanitising Gel 70% AlcoholHeavy duty hand sanitising gel from CraftexSuitable for healthcare, commercial & domestic use70% Alcohol content, gel like composition, gentle on handsAvaila..

Evans Ocean Blue Hand Soap

Evans Ocean BlueTop quality perfumed hand wash from EvansSuitable for executive bathroom use and 4-5 Star hotelsCleans fast and leaves the skin soft and moisturizedThe product is compatible with all s..

Evans Orchard Fresh Hand Soap

Evans Orchard Fresh Hand, Hair & Body Wash-one of the most affordable hand, hair & body wash from Evans-fits all types of soap dispensers, electrical or mechanical-contains moisturiser for pro..

Evans Pink Pearl Hand Soap

Evans Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash-one of the best hand & body soaps from Evans-contains quality moisturiser to protect your skin-luxury product highly recommended for hotels-attractive pearl l..

Evans Trigon Plus - Antibacterial Hand Soap

Evans Trigon Plus | Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap-high quality unperfumed hand wash-highly recommended for the food industry-neutral Ph & very soft on your skin-contains quality moisturiser to protect ..
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