Floor Varnish & Floor Oils

Everyone loves good wooden flooring in their house. But as much as you love the finesse and comfort of walking on wooden floors, maintaining them is a bit of a challenge. But, all that's about to change! 

We bring you our extensive range of floor varnish to help you spruce up wooden flooring in no time. 

About Floor Varnish Products

While there are multiple ways to maintain and spruce up wooden flooring, varnishes remain the most popular choice amongst professionals. These are easy-to-use, highly effective, and do not burn a huge hole in your pockets. 

Traditionally, a floor varnish is made by mixing a solvent (oil, alcohol, water) and a resin. Unlike oil or alcohol-based varnishes, the water-based varnish is more eco-friendly and works just as effectively as the others. 

Why Choose Our Range Of Floor Varnish?

We offer the most extensive collection of all three types of varnishes – solvent-based, water-based, and hybrid varnishes. We are the trusted partners for some of the biggest brands in the floor polish segments – Toba, Junckers, etc.

Select from our best in the industry, professional range of solvent-based and water-based floor varnish, and say bye to old, worn-out flooring today!

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3062 Osmo Polyx-Oil Original Clear Matt

Osmo Polyx-Oil Original Clear MattA deep penetrating 100% matt sealer compatible with all unsealed wood surfacesIt does not glaze, it does not flake, it does not react with UV light and it looks natur..

Bona Polyester Roller 250 mm | Varnishing Roller

Bona Polyester Varnishing Roller 250 MMAchieve spectacular results while reducing waste & increasing productivityA professional varnishing roller used by skilled tradesmen all over the worldThe ro..

Bona R200 Hollow Spot Repair 0.5 Kg

Bona R200 Hollow Gap FillerSingle component polyurethane-based repair liquid for filling up hollow spotsSuitable for filling up hollow floors or for reattaching loose parquet elementsWhen applied bene..

Bona Roller Handle

Bona Roller Handle Heavy duty roller handle compatible with all Bona varnishing rollersManufactured from stainless steel and shock resistant plastic materialsThe new Bona Roller Handle is suitabl..

Bona Sportive Finish / Two Pack Water Based Floor Lacquer 10L

Bona Sportive FinishTwo component hard wearing water based floor lacquer from BonaSuitable for sealing and varnishing hardwood floors with high trafficCompliant with EU standards for indoor sport surf..

Carver Carsol | Oiled Floor Refresher

Carver Carsol / Maintenance Oil & Oiled Floor RestorerProfessional maintenance oil suitable for refreshing oiled floorsRepairs dull patches and imperfections on all oiled surfacesTo be applied in ..

Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Coloured Floor Oil | 1L

Carver Primol Turbo / Professional Wood Stains / 1LSolvent wood stain and wood floor primer from CarverSuitable for treating all types of unsealed wood surfacesCan be overcoated with any floor lacquer..

Carver Traditional Floor Oil Greenol HD 1L

Carver Traditional Floor Oil Greenol HDIncredibly strong floor oil, silky finish & excellent efficiencyIt will penetrate the wood and seal the wood surfaceSuperb natural looks, available in clear ..

Chimiver Lios Bioil Natural 1L

Chimiver Lios Bioil Natural 1L ..

Chimiver Varnishing Brush

Chimiver Varnishing BrushTop quality varnishing brush compatible with all types of varnishes and primersManufactured from fine quality bristle that will leave a quality streak free finish Highly ..

Nordicare Linseed Oil 250 ML

Nordicare Linseed Oil 250 MLHigh traffic vegetable oil for treatment and maintenance of wood surfacesIt can be used as a “refresher” or it can be used as an oil sealer | protectorIt will penetrate the..

Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw

Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect RawA beautiful natural looking hardwax oil with a hint of white colourA light coloured wood stain that stays the same after it dries outIt provides superior protection against wa..

Osmo Wood Wax Finish Extra Thin Clear Satin

Osmo Wood Wax Finish Extra Thin Clear SatinDeep penetrating hardwax oil compatible with very low absorbency wood surfacesHighly recommended for waterproofing mahogany, teak, walnut, iroko & other ..

Polyx®-Oil Original Clear Satin

Osmo Polyx-Oil Clear Satin Professional hardwax oil suitable for all high traffic floor areasHigh solid content, non glazing, fume free & very easy to applyCompatible with all sealant free wo..

Tover Natural Wood Oil 2.5 L

Tover Natural Floor Oil 2.5 L100% invisible natural floor oil from ToverSuitable for commercial and residential useAvailable in 2.5 L bottle, penetrating sealerCan be used with or without a hardenerWi..
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