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Evans Chlor Tabs x 200 Tablets

Evans Chlor Tablets  Highly concentrated effervescent chlor tablets from EvansSuitable for cleaning tables and disinfecting food areasCan be used for cleaning and disinfecting vegetablesFast..

Evans Clean & Shine Maintainer

Evans Clean & Shine MaintainerA low PH universal floor cleaner and surface maintainer from EvansSuitable for commercial and residential floor cleaning & maintenanceIt will repair and restore w..

Evans Clean Fast Washroom Cleaner 750ML

 Evans Clean Fast Washroom Cleaner -highly active bathroom cleaner and washroom cleaner-it will generate a lot of very active bathroom cleaning foam-it will kill most types of bad bacteria and it..

Evans Clear Window Cleaner

Evans Clear Window & Glass Cleaner Professional glass cleaner and window cleaner from EvansSuitable for commercial and heavy duty domestic cleaningCleans glass and mirrors to a perfect streak..

Evans Cyclone Thick Bleach 5L

Evans Cyclone Thick Bleach Professional perfumed thick bleach suitable for commercial cleaningHighly effective bathroom cleaner, grout cleaner and toilet descalerIt will react with dirt in second..

Evans Descale 5L

Evans DescaleProfessional heavy duty machine cleaner and descaler from EvansRemoves scale from automatic dishwashers and glasswashersFast acting, low environmental impact, safe to use on stainless ste..

Evans Dishwash 5L

Evans Dishwash A low foam highly active dishwashing detergent from EvansCompatible with all automatic dishwashing machines/systemsHelps to prevent scale from depositing and re-forming laterHighly..

Evans Dishwash Extra 5L

Evans Dishwash ExtraA premium quality, heavy duty dishwashing detergent for hard water areasA low foam product designed to provide instant professional results Contains a blend of chemicals that ..

Evans E-Phos Toilet Cleaner And Descaler

Evans E-Phos Toilet Cleaner & DescalerRemoves body fats, limescale and bathroom dirt deposits quickly & easilySuitable for heavy duty toilet and bathroom cleaning projectsMulti surface, bacter..

Evans E-Pine Disinfectant 5L

Evans E-Pine Disinfectant-affordable disinfectant with a strong pine fragrance-highly concentrated disinfectant and floor cleaner-suitable for most hard surfaces, floors, walls, glass-it kills bacteri..

Evans E.M.C Plus Floor Cleaner & Degreaser 5L

 Evans E.M.C Plus Floor Cleaner & Degreaser-super concentrated alkali degreaser & general cleaner-removes with ease grease, fat & oils from most surfaces-high dilution ratio means ver..
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Evans E.S.P Spray Polish Aerosol 400ML

Evans E.S.P Evans Spray Polish-professional quality universal aerosol polish-suitable for stainless steel & chrome surfaces-removes with ease stains, fingermarks & dust -suitable for comm..

Evans Easy Strip Floor Stripper 5L

 Evans Easy Strip Floor Stripper -fast acting polish & sealant remover from many floor surfaces-no neutralisation required after stripping, work done faster-removes with ease up to 4 coats of..

Evans Enhance Floor Polish 5l

Evans Enhance Floor PolishCommercial heavy duty water based floor polish from EvansCompatible with all medium to high traffic commercial floors100% fume free, non yellowing, wet look finish, solvent f..

Evans Est-eem Cleaner Santisiser

Evans Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser-strong antibacterial cleaning product recommended for the food industry-for food contact surfaces, equipment, floors, walls & cooking equipment-contains no perfume ..
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