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Carver Wood Care Products

€31.97 Ex Tax: €25.99
Carver Carsol / Maintenance Oil & Oiled Floor RestorerProfessional maintenance oil suitable for refreshing oiled floorsRepairs dull patches and imperfections on all oiled surfacesTo be applied in a very thin coat with a cloth or special floor padIt will dry in about 2-4 hours, ready for heavy du..
€31.97 Ex Tax: €25.99
Carver Cleaner NET PARQUET | Heavy Duty Wood Floor Cleaner..
€18.44 Ex Tax: €14.99

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Carver Deck Protect | Water Based Impregnating Agent 5L..
€135.92 Ex Tax: €110.50

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Carver Delta / 100% Polyurethane Commercial Floor LacquerExceptional high traffic floor lacquer suitable for commercial, industrial & domestic use Single pack water based floor lacquer, available in matt and semi glossIt creates a similar look as the old solvent or oil based floor lacquers/seal..
€136.53 Ex Tax: €111.00

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Carver Dergos | Concentrated Oiled Floor Cleaner..
€33.21 Ex Tax: €27.00
Carver Deter Parquet | Heavy Duty Cleaner For Parquet Floors..
€18.44 Ex Tax: €14.99

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Carver House / Polyurethane Residential Floor Lacquer100% polyurethane water based floor lacquer suitable for residential useQuick drying, fume free, clear finish, high coverage area, non yellowingCan be used for sealing medium traffic wooden floors, furniture, framesSingle pack acrylic polyurethane..
€199.88 Ex Tax: €162.50
Faber Isolante 65 / Alcohol Based Wood PrimerAlcohol based wood floor sealer and wood floor primerCompatible with all types of wood floors and furnitureIt will penetrate deep and enrich the wood surfaces/fibreIt will cover around 12 Sq meter per 1L, very fast dryingSuitable for commercial and domest..
€85.12 Ex Tax: €69.20

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Carver Matt / Two Pack High Traffic Solvent Based Floor LacquerExtraordinarily durable solvent/oil based floor lacquer from CarverTwo pack, solvent based, suitable for heavy duty commercial useThe perfect sealer for bars, restaurants, sport rooms and factoriesTo be diluted 1 to 1 before use, it will..
€281.67 Ex Tax: €229.00

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Carver Omeg-Art Two Pack Polyurethane Floor LacquerTwo pack high traffic polyurethane based commercial floor lacquerOutstanding durability, unequalled natural finish and easy to applyAnti-Slip water based floor sealer, available in matt and semi glossIt will cover around 10-12 square meters per 1L, ..
€166.05 Ex Tax: €135.00

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Carver Primol Turbo / Professional Wood StainsSolvent wood stain and wood floor primer from CarverSuitable for treating all types of unsealed wood surfacesCan be overcoated with any floor lacquer from Carver1L will cover about 30 sq meters and it will dry very fastIt enhances the natural look of the..
€43.04 Ex Tax: €34.99
Carver Pronto Wood Floor Polish | Self Shining Polish 1L..
€18.44 Ex Tax: €14.99
Carver Pulidek | Heavy Duty Decking Cleaner..
€52.88 Ex Tax: €42.99
Carver Deterol | Coconut & Soya Based Oiled Floor Maintainer..
€18.44 Ex Tax: €14.99
Carver Stucco ET / Alcohol Based Gap FillerFills up wood cracks and gaps between all types of wooden floorsCan be used to fill up gaps up to 0.35 mm or less, fully dry in 1 hourSuitable for commercial and domestic gap filling & crack repair jobsThe gap filler can be sanded, stained and lacquered..
€68.87 Ex Tax: €55.99
Carver Traditional Oil Single Coat GREENOL HD..
€43.05 Ex Tax: €35.00