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Nordicare Danish Oil 250 ML

Nordicare Danish Oil 250 MLDeep penetrating blend of organic oil for protecting and maintaining wood surfacesWhen applied to light types of wood surfaces it will create a light yellowish finish I..

Nordicare Furniture Polish 250 ML

Nordicare Furniture Polish Professional cleaner and furniture polish manufactured from eco-friendly componentsIt can be used for regular cleaning and maintenance of all glossy furniture & sur..

Nordicare Leather Cleaning Kit

Nordicare Leather Cleaning Kit A professional quality cleaning kit for deep cleaning and polishing leather surfacesHighly effective, easy to use, suitable for residential & commercial use, ec..

Nordicare Leather Cream 250 ML

Nordicare Leather Cream 250 MLPremium quality leather polishing cream manufactured by NordicareIt softens up the leather, it nourishes the leather and it seals the leatherIt can be used on all leather..

Nordicare Leather Soap 250 ML

Nordicare Leather Soap 250 MLHeavy duty professional leather cleaner and leather degreaser from NordicareManufactured from a blend of natural soaps for safe and effective cleanIt will remove dirt, it ..

Nordicare Linseed Oil 250 ML

Nordicare Linseed Oil 250 MLHigh traffic vegetable oil for treatment and maintenance of wood surfacesIt can be used as a “refresher” or it can be used as an oil sealer | protectorIt will penetrate the..

Nordicare Mattress Cleaner 500 ML

Nordicare Mattress Cleaner Quality mattress cleaning spray compatible with all types and brands of mattressesManufactured from a blend of organic, eco-friendly materials and componentsIt safely r..

Nordicare Multi Clean 500 ML

Nordicare Multi Clean 500 MLA multi surface cleaning product manufactured from premium quality componentsIt can be used on all painted & varnished surfaces, glass, chrome, plastic, copperIt contai..

Nordicare Oven Cleaning Spray 500 ML

Nordicare Oven Cleaner 500 MLA specially formulated formula to remove burnt on carbon and heavy duty greaseVery tough on the dirt itself but very gentle on the surface of the cooker or ovenIt emulsifi..

Nordicare Refrigerator Cleaner 500 ML

Nordicare Refrigerator Cleaner 500 MLFood safe refrigerator cleaner and disinfectant from NordicareA fine quality cleaner that will disinfect, kill odours and sanitize100% safe for humans and animals ..

Nordicare Stainless Steel Cleaner 500 ML

Nordicare Stainless Steel Cleaner 500 MLA professional quality stainless steel cleaner compatible with all stainless steel surfacesDesigned for cleaning, polishing and removing stains from all steel k..

Nordicare Stainless Steel Polishing Cream 250 ML

Nordicare Stainless Steel Polishing Cream 250 MLA product developed specifically for removing stains and polishing stainless steel surfacesIt reacts with all kinds of stains & dissolves them withi..

Nordicare Stove Top Cleaner 250 ML

Nordicare Stove Top Cleaner 250 MLA quick and effective stove top cleaner compatible with all types of stovesIt removes food burns, carbon, grease, oils, splashes and other residuesDue to its active c..

Nordicare Textile Cleaner 500 ML

Nordicare Textile Cleaner 500 MLA top quality fabric and textile cleaner with superior stain removing qualitiesCompatible with all types of sensitive fabrics, carpets, clothing, shoes, etcIt will remo..

Nordicare Textile Protector | Scotchgard Fabric Protector

Nordicare Textile Protector 500 MLHigh quality fabric protector compatible with all fabrics and textilesIt will fully penetrate the textile fabric and it will protect against stainsManufactured from t..
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