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Cotton Dustmate Kit

Cotton Dustmate Kit All you need to be able to dust all types of commercial & domestic floorsThe kit contains the frame, two piece handle & the microfiber dusting padSuitable to use on vi..

Squeaky Clean Super Scourers

Squeaky Clean Super Scourers Medium abrasive heavy duty universal scourer suitable for domestic & commercial useSold in packs of 3 scourers, safe to use on sensitive surfaces like glass, wood..

17" Black Floor Pads

17" Black Floor Pads-high quality 17" black floor pads suitable for scrubbing-build from top of the range long lasting materials-suitable for stripping off most types of floor polish-recommended for u..

17" Blue Floor Pads

17" Blue Floor Pads-high quality floor pads made from quality materials-suitable for commercial and domestic floors-recommended for light scrubbing & polishing-it will fit all 17" floor buffers &a..

17" Melamine Pad

17" Melamine Pad-premium 17” melamine buffing pads-low cost floor cleaning & buffing system-professional results with little effort-high and low speed floor cleaning system-no chemicals needed for..

20” Floor Polishing Pads

20” Floor Polishing PadsHeavy duty commercial floor polishing pads for all floorsAvailable in red and white, compatible with all 20” buffersSuitable for polishing and enhancing gloss on polished floor..

2San Apple Fresh 5L (formerly Craftex)

 2San (Craftex) Apple Fresh 5L- very powerful deodoriser and bacteria killer- designed for professionals - it contains a very strong apple perfume- suitable to use on carpets & fabric- it can..
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2San Citrus Fresh 5L (formerly Craftex)

2San (formerly Craftex) Citrus Fresh -super strong deodoriser and odour neutraliser-suitable for use on carpets, upholstery, floors, etc-contains a very pleasant & durable lemon perfume-it wi..

2San Urine Neutraliser (Craftex)

2San Urine Neutraliser (formerly Craftex) PH neutral, slightly perfumed urine neutraliser from 2SanCompatible with all water washable surfaces, fabrics, carpetsThe recommended dilution rate is 1 ..

45 cm Winwash T Bar Only

45 cm Winwash T Bar Only-heavy duty commercial & domestic t-bar winwash-build from very strong & flexible plastic components-it will fit all 45 cm winwash covers from all brands-light body &am..

901 PRO FV Solar Cleaner | Nano Technology

Solar Panel Cleaner | Nano Technology100% biodegradable degreaser designed to clean and protect solar panelsManufactured from premium quality Nano technology materials / componentsSpecifically designe..

Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads 304 MM

Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads 304 MMTop quality diamond polishing pads suitable for grinding, polishing & restoring glossManufactured from premium quality diamond particles known to be ver..

All Purpose J Cloths 500s

 All Purpose J Cloths 500s-professional quality absorbent j cloths-suitable for domestic and commercial-available in many green, yellow, pink & blue-affordable, durable, cost effective & ..
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Amtico Maintainer

Amtico Maintainer-neutral amtico floor cleaner and maintainer-safe to use on sealed and unsealed floors-cleans and enhances all polished surfaces-to be diluted 1 to 100 before use, low perfumeAmtico M..

Blik Bio Cleaning Tool | Flat Mopping System

Blik Bio Cleaning ToolTop quality flat mopping system highly recommended for the healthcare industryManufactured from top of the range light aluminium and shock resistant plasticFitted with a special ..
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