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Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer


-very tough oil based high traffic floor varnish

-suitable for commercial and domestic floors

-available in matt, silk matt and glossy finishes

-very low odour for an oil based floor varnish

-enhances the look of the floor like a wax finish

-it will cover around 5 square meter per L of varnish



Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer Review

Wood floors are a classic choice. They’ve been around for centuries, and they aren't going out of style any time soon. In fact, many argue that this type of flooring is timeless- you just have to take good care of it. This has seen their global popularity continually rise in residential and commercial establishment alike. Property owners are scouting for the different pattern designs and wood species that will meet their particular needs for their décor. Their beauty and durability are core reasons for the ever-increasing demand. Wood floors bring warmth and comfort to the interior space, giving it that coveted natural look and feel. The environment becomes more relaxing and conducive for your activities, whether it’s at home with family and friends, or in the hustle and bustle of office buildings and retail stores. Guests and customers coming onto your premises get impressed, which increases your confidence levels when hosting friends and relatives at home, or boosts your business brand in commercial establishments, due to the positive perception that your clients will form of you. There is also the convenience aspect, in that the wood floors are easy to clean since they don’t harbour dust and similar particles- which is a welcome bonus for persons with allergies. You can get to enjoy the full range of benefits that your wood floor has in store for you by finishing it with the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer.


High foot traffic can cause wear and tear on the wood surface, leaving behind unsightly scratches and gouges. This is caused by everything from the dirt being grinded onto the floor under people’s feet, to the kind of footwear that they use. The soiling under the feet acts like sand paper, abrading the surface. When it comes to shoes, some cause scuffs, others like rubber soles leave behind marks. Even heels damage the surface. Did you know that a person weighing just 125 pounds exerts up to 8000 pounds of pressure on the floor? With the huge numbers of people trooping in and out of your establishment, the risk of the installation getting damaged increases exponentially. A worn out floor lacks sheen and evenness in colour. Your once source of pride and joy becomes dull and dilapidated, bringing down the ambience of the interior space. With high traffic comes increased risk of food and drink spills, as people snack around the premises. You don’t want the substances seeping into the internal layers of the wood, permanently changing its colouration. There is also solar radiation to contend with, which causes the wood to fade. Protect your installation with the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer.


Reasons To Invest In The Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer

1. Hard wearing

With the 1-component Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer, you get to increase the wear resistance properties of your floor. In fact, it has been formulated for professional use, to withstand constant attacks from usage in high traffic commercial and residential establishments. It protects the structural integrity of the underlying wood, and prolongs its life, enabling you to enjoy it for longer. As a welcome bonus, you get to cut down on those pesky maintenance costs that come due to repairing or replacing damaged boards.


2. Timely convenient

You don’t want the trouble of being locked out of rooms in your residential establishment, or sealing away areas of your business premises for longer than is absolutely necessary. The quick drying of the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer enables you to avoid the inconveniences. It will be ready to handle light traffic in just 24 hours after applying the coats, which is remarkably fast compared to other solvent based products. In addition, it will have fully cured in 1 week. 


3. Accentuates the wood colouration

You want beauty and durability, and the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer ensures you have them both. As it dries, it hardens forming a transparent finish, which enables the designs and colouration of the wood to feature more prominently. In addition, the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer comes in Gloss, Matt, and Silk Matt options. That way you get to choose the sheen level you desire for your establishment.


4. Low Odour

The solvent based Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer is also pleasant to use due to its low odour emission. This means that you won’t be forced to vacate the premises, and it shortens the time in which you can resume full access of the treated area. This is because the oils used in the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer have milder solvent power compared to similar products.


5. Easy to apply

The Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer has been formulated to be ready to use, hence you won’t have to concern yourself with dilution ratios. You simply stir or shake it to even out the contents, then apply it onto the floor. You can pick from a wide assortments of tools to use, depending on what you have in your arsenal. Recommended equipment include a brush, air/airless spray, or mohair roller. They will enable you to achieve uniform coats. Remember to allow sufficient drying time in between subsequent coat applications (usually 6- 8 hours). Note that the floor will need to be clean and dry before applying the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer. This is because substances like dust, pet hair, greasy residue and other impurities will ruin the finish.


6. Easy on the wallet

You get quality results without breaking the bank. The 2, 5, and 10 litre Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer packages come at affordable prices, enabling you to protect your floor while remaining within your budget. In addition, it has a wide 8-10 m²/litre application rate, enabling you to cover more area and reducing the overall costs of floor restoration.


Get The Most Out Of The Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer With These Extra Tips

· For untreated floors, or those that have been sanded down to the bare wood, prime them with a coat of Junckers ProSeal, and let them dry for 24 hours before lightly sanding using 150-180 grit, then applying the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer. 

· Floors that had been previously treated should be first washed with the Junckers Sylva Neutralizer, then sanded thoroughly using the 150-180 grit, before adding a coat of the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer. However, wax or polish treated floors will need to be completely sanded down to get rid of the old coats.

· The recommended system applications for high traffic areas is 1 coat of the ProSeal, followed by 2 coats of the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer.

· Clean your equipment with white spirit after you’re done.

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