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Junckers Professional Hardwax Oil


-outstaning durability and very fast drying hardwax oil

-suitable for commercial and domestic floor waxing

-it will enrich the look of the wood without looking artificial

-suitable for priming and finishing solid & semi solid floors

-this product cannot be overcoated with waterbased varnish

-it will cover 20 to 30 square meter of floor per L of oil

-Junckers Professional Hardwax Oil is available in 5L


Junckers Professional Hardwax Oil Review

Wood floors are an elegant addition to any establishment. They enable the property owner to set up a luxurious tone and natural flair for the interior space. This enhances the décor, making it warm and inviting. The aesthetic attributes of the wood floor have made it a must-have in numerous residential and commercial establishments around the world, and the craze for them has even pushed up the real estate values, enabling the owners to get more returns from their investments. There are numerous wood species to choose from, and each come with their own array of designs and patterns to enable you settle for the setup that brings out your unique personality. It doesn’t end there. Wood floors mare easy to clean, since dust and other particles are not naturally attracted to its surface. This not only cuts down the amount time you spend sweeping and mopping, but it also helps in improving the indoor air quality of the establishment- favourable news especially when there are sensitive persons who suffer from allergies on the premises. Installing wood floor is also an eco-conscious choice. Their huge demand has seen numerous acres being put under plantation, to enable the industry to thrive and meet the needs of home and business owners all across the globe. The young growing trees are even more effective in reducing the carbon content in the environment. When it comes to durability, wood floors also stand out. The strength and abradability attributes enable them to be used in high traffic environments as they can withstand loads of abuse. However, this is only the case when adequate treatment options have been put in place, using products like the Junckers Professional Hardwax Oil.


The workload that your floor handles is responsible for the wear and tear that results. This ranges from foot traffic, to the items being dropped, plus the occasional food and drink spills. As people walk about, various factors come into play, such as their weight, plus the kinds of shoes they have on. Sometimes it a mash-up, such as the huge load that is applied on a small section of the floor by persons in stilettos. Other footwear like spiked shoes can even lead to scratches forming on the floor. There's also the dirt that the persons will have trekked onto the premises from the outside, and those particles get grinded against the floor, leading to abrasion. It's not just the people. Your pet can have carried in mud from the yard under its paws, and can have sharp claws that leave unsightly marks on the surface. Issues like heavy furniture and appliances add to the strain that the wood floor is under. Those food and drink spills also leave behind stains. The liquid contents settling on the surface will result in unsightly patches that will be hard to remove. Moreover, there is a risk of water damage due to the imbalance in moisture levels that will have been caused by the pool of beverage spills standing on the surface. Since accidents happen, you want to be sure that the floor is protected at all times. That's a job for the Junckers Professional Hardwax Oil.


Benefits Of The Junckers Professional Hardwax Oil

1. Hard wearing

The Junckers Professional Hardwax Oil hardens to form a tough layer of protection over your wood floor. It's scratch resistant and works on different kinds of wood, from the exotic species, to sanded and untreated parquet floors. This enhances the life of the wood, enabling you to enjoy the most out of your investment. Moreover, it’s a versatile product, working on all kinds of wood floors and stairs. You can even use it to treat other wood surfaces in the establishment that are prone to high degree of wear. 


2. Fast drying 

The Junckers Professional Hardwax Oil will save you time. In only 4 hours, it will be dry to the touch. In fact, you can apply multiple coats in one day. This makes it a superior option compared to conventional oil flooring applications. Within 6 days, it will have fully cured. Moreover, the Junckers Professional Hardwax Oil comes with water repellent properties, which makes it easier to deal with those spills that occasionally occur, protecting the underlying wood from water damage.


3. Elegant finish

The Junckers Professional Hardwax Oil gives your floor a rich lustre that enhances the ambience of the premises. You can use it for both priming and as a final polishing coat. The resultant sheen, from Matt to Ultra Matt, depends on the amount of buffing carried out. This accentuates the interior space, making you more proud of your home, and impresses customers coming onto your business premises. You even look forward to hosting guests. What’s more, the elegant finish will be able to create a more conducive environment or your wok, whether it’s at home or your commercial establishment, promoting both productivity and creativity. 


4. Fast application

The Junckers Professional Hardwax Oil comes ready to use. It's applied using a roller, brush, or even a stainless steel spatula depending on the tools you have in your arsenal. The waiting time between subsequent coat applications is 6 hours. It also has a wide coverage rate, of 20-30 m² per litre meaning that each unit you purchase gets to take you a long way. Its smooth flow rate allows you to apply uniform coats, enhancing the quality of the results. You can also proceed on to buff after around 16 hours, to enable you to achieve the gloss levels you desire.


5. Budget friendly 

The 5L Junckers Professional Hardwax Oil comes at an affordable cost, enabling you to make savings from the moment you make the purchase. Moreover, since the oil protects the floor, it enables you to avoid nasty incidences like scratches and water damage, thus saving on maintenance costs. Whenever repairs are needed to be made, it can be done quickly without having to treat the entire floor. In addition, the spruced up surface enables you to rake in more from your real estate venture, welcome news for landlords looking for tenants, and property managers looking to close on a sale deal. 


Tips For Using The Junckers Professional Hardwax Oil

· Before applying the Junckers Professional Hardwax Oil, ensure that the surface of the floor is clean and dry. You don’t want impurities like dust, pet fur and dander and even hair particles getting trapped under the coats and screaming through the finish once it dries.

· Stir/shake before use.

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