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Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L

€46.67 Ex Tax: €38.57


-professional priming and finishing organic oil

-available in clear finish or in 12 unique colours

-it can be used as a primer or as a finisihing coat

-it can be over coated with water based floor lacquers

-outstanding durability & amazing natural looks



Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L Review

Wood is an elegant addition to the interior space. Whether it’s your floor or that worktop in your residential or commercial establishment, there are numerous types and styles that you can have set up. The different species come with their characteristic charm, which can provide a modern and classy look, or take you back into time, with a rustic tone that exudes grandeur. It all depends on your taste and desires. However, the wood is not immune to damage. It comes under lots of attack. For instance, all those people walking around your establishment put your wood floor under pressure, not to mention grinding dirt particles against its surface. This wears it down, reducing its structural integrity and making it look all dull and forlorn. There are also natural effects such as the sun's radiation, which causes the wood to fade and lose its appeal. You want to protect it from such agents. You can achieve this with the Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L

What You Get From The Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L

1. Enhanced surface protection

The main goal is to protect the wood surface- from the floor being able to withstand the foot traffic that it handles on a daily basis, to the shocks and knocks that are a common feature on tables and countertops. The Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L brings durability and wear resistance to your wood. It's absorbed into the surface onto which it is applied, hardening to form a toughened structure that holds out to the abuse that's meted onto the wood. The urethane Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L prolongs the life of your investment, and is effective in both modern day busy homes, and high traffic commercial establishments. The high solids content in its formulation is so effective that you need just to apply 1 or 2 coats to protect your installation.

2. Aesthetic appeal

Beauty and durability go hand in hand. You want the structures in your establishment to last long, and to enjoy them through it all. The Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L coats accentuate the features of the wood itself. From the wood grain to those intricate patterns, it brings a deep warm glow that spruces up the look and feel of the surface. As such, you get to enhance the ambience of your interior space.

3. Diverse applications

The Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L can be used for both priming and finishing of surfaces like floors and table tops. You can also use it to maintain other surfaces that have been treated with oil. Even after priming with the Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L, you can finish the floor with a lacquer. The combination you use depends on the wear resistance requirements, plus the look you want to achieve. For instance, in low traffic establishments, you can use the oil with Junckers ProFinish, and in high traffic establishments, you can prime with the oil, and finish with Junckers HP High Performance. In both cases, you can also rely on the oil alone, applying two priming coats followed by 1 finish coat. Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L Clear can also be used with the Colour alternative.

4. Economical

The Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L enables you to slash your maintenance budget in various ways. It has a 10-50m² per litre coverage rate, meaning each purchase you make gets to cater to a wide area. The amount that the wood surface require will be determined by the specific type of installation, plus the absorption rate of the wood. Then there's the protection that it give your investment. You get to avoid costs or making repairs and replacements that would have cropped up later on in its life. Since the Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L is also affordably priced, you get to enhance the elegance of your wood surfaces without straining your finances.

How To Use The Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L

The specific method of approach depends on how you are intending to use the Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L. Different tools can be used for that application, ranging from cloths and brushes for small areas, to rollers, a lambswool applicator or spray together with a nylon scouring pad for the larger surfaces. The oil comes ready to use, so you won’t need to dilute it. Follow these steps:


When priming untreated or sanded wood surfaces:

Ensure the floor is clean. Wash off substances like dust and grease, as they'll affect the quality of the results. Sand to remove any unevenness and discolouration. For the final sanding use sandpaper of grit 100-120. Thereafter:

1. Moisten the surface with a damp cloth. This is it to improve wear resistant properties. You should ensure that it has been visibly and evenly wetted. After all, you don’t want patchy appearances.

2. Allow 10-15 minute to dry.

3. Stir the oil.

4. Apply the initial coat of the Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L. Wait for 30 minutes, and add the second coat.

5. Wipe off the excess oil.

6. Allow 16-24 hours drying time before resuming normal usage of the surface. Within 3 days it will have been fully cured

When finishing the surface with Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L:

1. Sand the surface with a fine sandpaper of grit 180-220. You can also use a green or black nylon pad. Thoroughly vacuum to remove the sanding dust.

2. If you’re finishing a floor, apply 1 coat of the Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L. In case you’re working on a table or worktop, 2 thin coats of the oil will do.

3. Wipe off the excess oil within 30 minutes. This is after you’re ensured that the surface is saturated, in that it cannot absorb any more oil.

4. Buff the surfaces with a dry soft cloth, or a clean cloth with a buffing pad. On floors, you can go for a buffing machine.

· When finishing the floor with lacquer:

First ensure that the floor is 100% saturated with the Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L. This is to avoid discolouration. Then:

1. Use a black pad to screen the surface and remove the dust.

2. Apply 1 coat of the selected lacquer.

3. Allow 4 hours drying time.

4. Apply the second lacquer coat.

5. Leave to dry until it gets fully cured.

Tips For Using The Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L

· Always wipe off the excess oil. Any that remains unabsorbed and dries on the surface will form glossy spots.

· When sanding before applying the Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L, ensure that you follow the direction of the wood grain.

· When working on large areas, it is recommended that you divide them up into smaller sections that can be oiled within 30 minutes.


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