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-professional qualiy priming and finishing oil for untreated wood surfaces

-it will provide superb protection while keeping the wood very natural looking

-it can be used as a primer sand it can be sealed with any water based varnish

-available in clear, white, black, cherry, walnut, mahogany, raw sugar, nut, etc

-one of the most natural looking floor oil suitable for commercial & domestic

-it can be applied with a dry cloth, a special oil applicator or a white buffer pad


Junckers Rustic TopOil Review

The warmth and beauty that wood floors bring to the interior of residential and commercial establishments alike are renowned. It's an appeal that has seen them grow in popularity through the ages. In fact, there are premises that have had them for generations. In order to keep them in optimal condition, all that has been needed over the time is regular maintenance. From the elegance they add to your decor, plus the ease of cleaning, to the durability that they come with, you want to be able to enjoy the full benefits of the wood floor for longer. After all, you spent loads of your hard-earned money to get the installation that accentuates the ambience of your interior space. You want consumers coming into your business premises to be impressed, and provide a conducive atmosphere for your employees to work in. The grandiose look and feel produced by a well maintained wood flooring will enable them to be more productive, and even get more creative, which is a welcome bonus to your enterprise. As a home owner, you'll be able to relax and be proud of your residence, and even realtors will get to attract more tenants and buyers to the property. Achieve this full range of benefits by maintaining your floor with the Junckers Rustic TopOil.


The dirt and grime that ends up on the floor are a huge threat to its appeal. First, they create unsightly spots, and make the place appear neglected. Secondly, the particles get grinded against the surface of the wood, wearing down the finish as people walk on it. The higher the amount of traffic that the establishment handles, the faster the rate at which this happens. As the finish gets worn down, it exposes the underlying wood to the foot traffic plus other effects such as fading caused by the ultraviolet and infrared radiation from the sun. There are also issues of scratches and gorges forming on the surface, caused by the kind of footwear that people use, plus the claws of animals, whether it’s your furry friend or the rodents that come out at night in search of quick snacks, especially when food residue is left behind. Add the spills onto the list of concerns, since they can cause stains to set into the floor. You want to protect the surface from these substances, and increase its ability to withstand the knocks of everyday life. You can accomplish that by treating it with the Junckers Rustic TopOil.


Reasons For Investing In The Junckers Rustic TopOil

1. Breathes new life into your floor

The Junckers Rustic TopOil is designed to revitalise your floor. After treating the surface, you don’t need to do an entire floor refinishing project simply because some sections have gotten more worn off than others. The Junckers Rustic TopOil comes in to provide the maintenance that is needed to keep in in top condition. The water based air-drying alkyd oil restores the durability of the surface, enabling it to withstand the traffic and wear effects of daily life. As it dries, it forms a colourless ultra matt appearance that brings back the beauty of the floor, accentuating the underlying finish and wood grain.


2. Quick and easy application

Grab your cotton cloth or flat mop, shake the Junckers Rustic TopOil well, and you’re good to go. Spread it out over the floor and allow it to dry. With the Junckers Rustic TopOil, there aren't complicated procedures to follow. Whether you go with the cloth or mop, the choice depends on what is more convenient to you, and the size of the floor area that you’re covering. Immediately you’re done with the application, leave it to dry and wash the tools with soap and water. Note that the Junckers Rustic TopOil is added after the priming oil. Ensure that the floor has been treated with Junckers Rustic Oil or Junckers Rustic Solid 100 Oil, before you use the Junckers Rustic TopOil.


3. Fast drying

Within 30-60 minutes after applying the Junckers Rustic TopOil, it will be ready for light traffic. In addition, it will have fully cured in a day, allowing full resumption of your normal activities. This drastically shortens the disruption to your social life at home, since you won’t be locked of rooms for long. In commercial establishments, it prevents you from inconveniencing customers trying to access areas of your business premises. In fact, the quick application and fast drying enable the Junckers Rustic TopOil to be easily used for spot treatments, like when your freshening up walking lanes and other parts of the surface that handle high traffic. 


4. Economical

The Junckers Rustic TopOil enables you to achieve your desired results without straining your budget. For starters, its 1 litre, 2.5 litre, and 10 litre packages are affordably priced. Next, it has the extensive coverage of 30-50 m² per litre. That means you can get to spruce up huge sections of your establishment at budget friendly costs, getting professional quality results each time. In addition, by regularly maintaining your floor you get to ward off damage that would have forced you to incur huge costs to repair or replace the floor boards. This gives you more savings down the road. From a valuation perspective, the Junckers Rustic TopOil increases the amount you get in case you are renting out or selling the property, getting you more return for your investment.


Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Junckers Rustic TopOil


· Ensure that the oiled surface that you’re adding the Junckers Rustic TopOil onto is clean and dry. The priming oil that had been applied should be intact.

· It’s recommended that you seal off the area where you’re applying the Junckers Rustic TopOil. People walking on the surface when it’s wet will ruin the quality of the results.

· Since the Junckers Rustic TopOil hardens quickly, you should ensure that you spread it out well before it dries.

· Clean up spills as soon as they occur. 

· Avoid sliding furniture or any large appliance across your floor. Lift and move, in order to shift them without risking scuffs or scratches on the floor. In addition, it is recommended that you use felt protectors on the bottom of furniture legs.

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