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Junckers Basefill Gap Filler


-very fast drying solvent based gap filler suitable for filling big gaps

-the gap filler must be mixed with wood dust from the floor itself 

-Junckers Basefill Gap Filler can be sealed with most floor varnishes

-this gap filler can be used to seal gaps on all types of wood floors

-it can be sanded and sealed after only 30 minutes after application

-it will bond with the wood and it will protect against draft & spillages


Eliminate Gaps On Your Floor With The Junckers Basefill Gap Filler

Home and business owners adore wood floors for a wide array of reasons. For starters, there's the aesthetic appeal that they bear. Wood floors come with a natural beauty, with the different species and grain patterns, which simply cannot be replicated. Moreover, there are plenty of wood stains, lacquers and other treatment coats to choose from, which ensures that you get the colouration that blends with your decor and sets the tone that suits your individual desires. It gets even better: wood floors are a timeless beauty. They don’t go out of style. In fact, there are establishments that have had them for decades, and they are still going strong, with their value actually increasing. There are also other aspects such as improved air quality, since the wood is organic and non-electromagnetic, meaning that it doesn’t have a penchant for attracting pollen, pet dander and other allergens to its surface. Ever noticed how dance studios and music halls have a tendency for installing wood floors? Well, that's because they also have improved sound control properties compared to other types of flooring. When properly installed they prevent hollow sounds and vibrations from occurring. Wood is also durable. This has made it a top choice in establishments that handle high levels of human traffic. All this value of the flooring will only be continually realised when it's properly cared for. It’s not just about the cleaning. When gaps pop up, they will need to be fixed. That's right up the alley of the Junckers Basefill Gap Filler.


The floor's gap problem is caused by different issues. A majority of these can be explained by looking at its structure. Wood is an organic material, composed of cells and tissues. They are affected by the difference in temperature and moisture levels with the surrounding. For instance, when it’s hot and there’s high humidity, the wood will absorb the moisture, which leads to expansion. As the seasons change, the reverse happens. The conditions in your area should have been taken into consideration before the floorboards were installed. Otherwise, the expansion and contraction can lead to permanent gaps forming. It’s not all caused by nature. There are those cases when proper damp proofing measures have not been put in place. Consequently, the wood absorbs moisture from the subfloor, further causing structural damage and gaps to form. Some mistakes are made during DIY installations, or when rookies have been hired for the project. The boards are not fixed properly next to each other, which increases the rate of gap formation as the boards jostle for space in one area and pull apart from each other in another. Gaps don't have to be a permanent fate for your floor. After all, you invested heavily in getting the installation, and you should be able to enjoy it. Get things back in order using the Junckers Basefill Gap Filler.


Why You Should Turn To The Junckers Basefill Gap Filler

1. Versatile

The solvent-based Junckers Basefill Gap Filler is used across the scope, on sanded and untreated floors ranging from those exotic species all through to the parquet flooring. Whether it’s in residential or commercial settings, the Junckers Basefill Gap Filler will enable you to fill gaps that are even 2mm wide. In addition, it works with both Junckers solvent-based and water-based lacquers, meaning you can proceed to have your preferred finish coats applied onto the surface.


2. Preserves your floor's beauty

The Junckers Basefill Gap Filler absorbs the features of the sanding dust, thus delivering a smooth transition on the area onto which it is applied. This enables you to preserve that ambiance of your decor that you have worked so hard to set up. While the gaps were taking away the appeal of the establishment and portraying you in negative light to guests in your home or customers coming to your business premises, the floor repaired with the Junckers Basefill Gap Filler will do the opposite. Your peace of mind will be restored, and your business image gets enhanced due to the decor that will be maintained.


3. Quick dry-time

Your floor maintenance activities are on the clock. You don’t want them taking up more time than they should. Within 15 minutes, the Junckers Basefill Gap Filler paste applied into the gap will have dried. This makes it a timely convenience, since you will be able to make quick repairs on the floor, and also prevents lengthy disruptions in your residential or commercial establishment.


4. Easy to use

Stir the Junckers Basefill Gap Filler, mix it with sanding dust from the floor boards being worked on, apply the paste into the gap, allow to dry, sand off the excess, and seal the floor. It's simple and straightforward. There are no dilution ratios to worry about. In fact, you are advised not to mix it with water. To adjust the viscosity of the paste, simply add more Junckers Basefill Gap Filler. The paste can be applied into the gaps on your floor using a broad full-edged stainless steel spatula. After you’re done, clean the tools you use with white spirit.


5. Affordable

The Junckers Basefill Gap Filler comes with financial benefits. First, its 5 and 10 litre packages come at pocket-friendly prices, which enables you to reduce your floor care budget. Moreover, the 10 m²/L rate of application means that each purchase takes you a long way. You get to cover a wide expanse of the floor, fixing up the gaps in the different rooms of your establishment. As a welcome bonus, removing the gaps spruces up the interior space, enhancing the real estate value of your residential or commercial premises. In addition to attracting more buyers and tenants, you get to make more when sealing the deals.


Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Junckers Basefill Gap Filler


· Ensure that the floor is clean. Dirt and grime particles, from dust to greasy residues from food spills, will affect the quality of the results. Also vacuum the area before applying the filler.

· Apply the Junckers Basefill Gap Filler and sanding dust paste that you have formed quickly into the gaps. It dries fast, and you want to ensure that you have a uniform application before it begins to harden.

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