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-premium quality two-component water based varnish

-suitable to use on high to very high traffic wooden floors

-it is nonyellowing, fast curing & ready for use within hours

-suitable for varnishing floors that were stained or sealed

-for great results please mix the varnish with the hardener

-available in ultra matt, matt, sikmatt and glossy finishes

-one of the most durable and beautiful varnishes in Ireland



A Look At The Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer

Commercial flooring is a big investment. You go out of your way to get the installation that portrays your business in the best possible light, to create an image of professionalism and attract customers to your enterprise. The look and feel that they find in your interior space has a direct impact on the perception they have for your business as a whole- and this cuts across the scope, whether you’re a hotelier, restaurant owner, retail business, nursing home, or even entertainment centre. You also go for the designs and patterns that will create a conducive ambience for your employees to be productive and get their creative juices flowing. Most importantly, you invest in an installation that will last. You don’t want to be forced to rip up the floor boards in the middle of your business growth, diverting funds meant to enhance your company’s activities to make repairs that are caused by wear and tear. You want the floor's beauty and grandiose feel to be protected, which also enhances the value of the property, especially for those renting out office and retail space. Make this a reality using the Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer. 


Your wood floor’s main challenge is the never ending foot traffic. People track in soiling from the outdoors- including dirt under their shoes, to compounds stuck to their clothes that inevitably wind up on the floor. This, plus the dust that settles from the air above, and food residue from people snacking while on the premises, ends up being grinded onto the surface of the wood. It acts like sand paper, degrading the surface and taking away the elegance of the installation. This affects its life. The wear and tear also reflect on the rest of the surrounding, seeing that the floor is the one part of the building that literally gets everywhere. Those new electrical appliances or artwork on the walls, top-of-the-range products on display, or immaculately dressed employees will all be affected when the floor is dull and drabby. You can prevent things from going down this route by applying the Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer. 


Benefits Of The Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer


1. Built for tough

The hard wearing 2-component Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer will stand up to the barrage of abuse that comes with the high traffic in commercial establishments. You won’t need to worry about dents and grooves forming, or the underlying wood surface getting worn down with time. Composed of 100% polyurethane, the Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer brings exceptional durability and resistance to scuffs and scratches, to preserve the underlying wood structure by providing a hard and protective finish. It also provides that much-needed shield against the glare of sunlight which causes fading. 


2. Water based

The water based nature of the Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer comes with additional advantages, primarily being the low odour and fast drying and curing times. You won’t have to be anxious about fumes permeating through your business premises and keeping off customers. The 3-hour drying time contributes to the efficiency of the application, and you will be able to permit light traffic onto the treated area in just 8 hours. As such, customers will be able to access your products and services without hindrance. Within 3 days the Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer will be fully cured, enabling full resumption of activities.


3. Retains the floor's beauty

The Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer forms a transparent film when it dries, preserving that natural look and feel that got you to install the wood floor in the first place. Moreover, it enhances the grain patterns and designs, which boosts the appeal. It's also non-yellowing. When it comes to gloss choices, you can select between Ultra Matt, Matt and Silk Matt for your floor. Thus, the Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer enables you to go with the gloss that best suits the interior ambience of your premises. 


4. Easy to use

The Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer’s application is straightforward. Simply mix it with the hardener that's included in the package you purchase using a 10:1 ratio (10 parts lacquer, 1 part hardener), shake/stir, leave to stand for 10 minutes, then stir again. From then it’s just applying it onto the floor. You can use a wide range of equipment depending on what you’re packing in your toolkit, ranging from brushes, mohair rollers or even a spray system.


5. Budget-friendly

The Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer is priced to give you more bang for your back. You get to choose between the 4.95 litre (4.5 + 0.45) and 24.2 litre (22+2.2) packages (lacquer + hardener), going for the option that’s most suited to the size of the area you’re working on. With the 10 - 12 m²/litre application rate, you get to cover more floor area with each Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer unit that you purchase. This reduces the floor maintenance budget. Moreover, the extra strength and wear resistance that it brings to the surface enables you to avoid hefty repair and replacement costs, further increasing your savings.


DOs And DON'Ts To Get More From The Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer 

· DO ensure that there is no dirt, greasy residues or any form of grime on the floors that are being worked on. 

· It is recommended that floors that are untreated or have been sanded down to the bare wood should first receive a coat of Junckers PreLak or ProSeal, before lightly sanding again and adding the Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer top coat.

· DO sand wax- and polish-treated floors to remove the old coats before adding the lacquer.

· DO shake/stir the Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer even before you mix it with the hardener. 

· DO ensure that you use the Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer and hardener mixture within 2 hours after preparing it. 

· DO wash previously sealed floors with the Junckers Sylva Neutralizer before sanding using a grit 150-180, then adding the lacquer. This is especially for those touching up jobs where you just want to revitalise the floor without having to get rid of the already applied seal.

· DO clean the tools you use with some soap and water after you're done. You don’t want the lacquer drying on them and forming a hard coat.

· DON'T exceed 15% dilution with water when using spray application.

· DON'T store the Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer in temperatures under 0 C.

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