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-professional slip resistant two component non yellowing polyurethane lacquer

-a varnish suitable for sealing wood floors with high to very high constant traffic

-highly recommended for pubs, restaurants, sport rooms, sport halls, shops, etc

-it will cover around 8 to 10 sq meter per L but it depends on the type of surface

-Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer is available in ultra matt finish only (natural)

-great chemical resistance, very low VOC, very fast drying times & superb looks


Resist The Slide With The Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer

Bruises, cuts, fractures and dislocations- the injuries from slip accidents vary. They are all caused when a person’s footing loses traction with the floor. It may be highly polished, greasy, or wet from beverages like beer spilled onto it. In fitness centres the floor can be slippery simply due to the loads of sweat that get generated. At times you may not have enough time to keep running a mop over the affected area, which exposes the persons on it to risk- like during busy restaurant and bar hours. You can't exactly go halting the night party on the dance floor so that you can clear all the spills. The slips cause harm to various body parts, ranging from concussions when a person hits the head on the ground, to musculoskeletal injuries. One can end up with slipped discs in the vertebrae, and the nerves getting impinged. Serious injuries to the ankle, knees and back will leave the affected persons with long-term problems and significantly affect their quality of life. For your business, this will result in numerous work hours being lost, which has a negative impact on the productivity of your enterprise. Add to this the costly lawsuits plus the damage to your brand after customers get injured while on your commercial establishment, and the need to take proactive action to prevent these situations from occurring becomes a necessity. That's where the Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer comes in. 


Aesthetics also factor in. After all, you forked out loads of cash to get the wood installation that suits your establishment’s needs. You want to have an ambiance that’s appealing and exudes comfort and professionalism. It has an impact on the perception that visitors to your commercial establishment have on your activities, and you want to impress them. Even your employees want a conducive environment that will encourage their productivity. On top of boosting your business image, you get to rake in more revenue for your enterprise. Spruce up the surfaces with the Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer.


Benefits Of The Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer


1. Enhanced traction

The Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer's main goal is to provide superior slip resistance to the surface of your floor, and it doesn’t disappoint. This makes it a popular option especially in high traffic establishments such as bars and sporting venues where slip resistance is vital. You can bring this exceptional traction levels to your establishment. It has undergone thorough testing, all through to BS7976-2:2002 standard, to ensure the safety provided by the coats you apply onto your floor.


2. Superior strength

The Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer increases the wood's ability to take on the abuse from constant foot traffic, and retain its elegance for the long haul. 100% polyurethane, it protects the surface from abrasion as people walk over it, or getting scuffs and scratches from the footwear they use. It even wards off the effects of the sun’s radiation, enabling you to enjoy your investment for longer. As a welcome bonus, this durability provided by the Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer enables you to avoid hefty repair and replacement costs, lowering your building's maintenance budget.


3. Colourless film

A transparent coat is formed when the waterborne Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer coats dry. This enables the underlying wood design, from the colouration to the grain patterns, to feature through more prominently. The Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer comes in an Ultra Matt sheen, and is also non-yellowing.


4. Economical

The Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer has a 10-12 m²/litre application rate, which enables you to cover more surface area with each unit product you purchase. This increases its cost convenience. In addition, its 4.95 litre package (4 litre lacquer and 0.45 hardener) comes at an affordable price.


How To Use The Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer


The process of getting the floor ready to receive the Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer coats depends on its current state. If it is untreated or sanded, first clean it to remove substances like dust and grease which will affect the quality of the results. Apply a coat of Junckers PreLak or ProSeal, leave to dry and lightly sand along the wood grain using a 150-180 grit sandpaper. Then apply a sealant coat of the HP Commercial or Sport, allowing it to dry. The Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer comes in as the final top coat. Floors that had been treated with wax or polish will need to be first sanded down to the bare wood. On the other hand, previously sealed floors will just need to be washed with the Junckers Sylva Neutraliser, and sanded to prepare them for the Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer. To apply it, follow these steps:


1. First, you'll need to prepare lacquer and hardener mixture that you’ll use. Stir/shake the Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer to distribute any settled product. Add the hardener, and stir again for at least 45 seconds. Leave the solution to stand for 10 minutes. Stir and shake again. Note that the mixing is using a ratio of 10 parts lacquer, to 1 part hardener.

2. Apply onto the surface of the floor. Don’t pour it directly, rather use a tool such as a brush, air/airless spray system, or even a short-haired mohair roller.

3. Allow 3 hours drying time.

4. Apply the second coat. 

5. Allow to dry.


After you’re done with the application, clean the tools using soap and water. The floor will be ready to handle light traffic in 8 hours, and the Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer coats will have been fully cured in 3 days.


Tips For Using The Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer


· The Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer and hardener mixture should be used within 2 hours after you prepare it. 

· In case you’re using a spray system to apply the Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer, you can dilute it with water, but only to a maximum of 15%.

· You should only apply 2 coats of the Junckers HP Friction + Floor Lacquer per day.

· For sporting areas where there is plenty of body contact with the floor, you are advised to use mats.


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