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Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L


-an oil based refresher suitable for maintaining waxed floors

-it will re-finish your floor in a cool satin (semi gloss) finish

-it can be applied with a special wax applicator or floor pad

-1 L of refresher should cover around 30 to 50 square meters

-this product requires between 5 to 12 hours drying period

-not suitable for refreshing or maintaining varnished floors


A Look At The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L

Wood has charmed its way into the hearts of both home and business owners. Why not? After all, it has a characteristic charm, thanks to its diverse species, each coming with their own grain patterns and colourations. Even the floor boards themselves have different styles of installing them, hence enabling you to be creative with how you set up your space. You get to have an elegant interior, whose warmth is both visual and literal. This is because, in addition to making the ambience inviting, the wood floor's insulation properties enable it to prevent the building from losing heat. This consequently means temperature control becomes easier, and you won’t be overworking your air conditioning systems, thus reducing your monthly energy bills. The non-electromagnetic nature of the wood also makes it easy to clean. This is because the surface won’t be attracting and trapping particles like dust and dander. Those that wind up on it can be easily swept off, and damp mopping is usually sufficient to get rid of the grime from the floor. Wood flooring is also beneficial when it comes to noise control. Its structure enables it to absorb the sounds reverberating through the environment, enhancing the acoustic attributes of the interior space. It's also a durable flooring choice. When properly taken care of, it can outlive you, lasting for generations to come. You want to be able to protect your investment and enjoy every moment of it. That's where the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L comes in.


Your wood floor comes under lots of attack on a daily basis- foot traffic as people walk about performing their duties in your establishment, stains from the occasional food and drink spills, the sun's radiation that causes fading effects, all through to the items getting dropped and knocking the surface. The dirt and grime particles on the floor are gritty, being grinded against the wood under people's feet, thus causing abrasion. This leads to wear and tear that affects both the look and the structural integrity of the wood. Stains, on the other hand, can set into the surface, causing permanent blemishes that ruin the elegance of the floor. In order to prevent this from happening, treatment coats of the Junckers HP Oil are applied. It seeps into the wood, hardening to form a tough coat of protection, also providing attributes such stain resistance and preventing water damage. Over time, this also comes under attack, and you want to keep it performing optimally. That's a job for the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L.


What You Get From The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L


1. Enhance your floor’s protection

The goal is to protect your investment from the wear and tear of everyday life. The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L is designed to maintain wood floors that have been treated with the HP Oil. It brings back the durability and abradability attributes that get worn down over time, solidifying the protection of your floor. It will be able to stand up to the constant abuse it receives, and get its life enhanced. You can use the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L to treat the whole floor area, or just make spot treatments on those sections of the surface that have been affected.


2. Bring back the lustre

You want the elegance to be restored to your wood floor. The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L makes that a reality. It sets a striking finish, emphasising the natural beauty and appeal of the underlying wood. The lustre and colouration of the surface becomes more prominent with the clear appearance of the Recoat, accentuating the ambience of your premises. Hence, the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L enables you to have that relaxing ambience you want for your home, impressing your friends and relatives dropping by for a visit; and enhancing the working conditions in your commercial establishment. The dull mood caused by worn down and dilapidated surfaces is replaced by an enhanced décor that actually stimulates the productivity of you and your employees, giving your customers a positive impression about your enterprise, thus bolstering your business efforts.


3. Dries fast

Speed is key. After all, you want to restore normalcy to your establishment as soon as possible. No need to seal off entire rooms for longer than necessary, hampering your activities at home and making your kids restless, or closing down sections of your commercial establishment thus crippling your operations. With the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L, you are able to minimise the impact that the floor restoration project has on your day-to-day life. The floor will be ready to handle light traffic in just 3-4 hours after you apply it. Complete curing just takes 48 hours.


4. Quick maintenance

Using the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L is a breeze. First, clean the floor using the Junckers Sylva Neutralizer, then lightly sand using sandpaper of git 180-240. You can also use a polishing machine that's fitted with a black nylon pad. After vacuuming away the sanding dust, apply the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L evenly onto the surface using a thin coat. You can use a buffing machine, or apply it by hand with a lint-free cloth. All that's left is allowing it to dry and you're done. This is for regular maintenance. In case the existing Junckers HP Oil finish has been severely worn down, first sand the area and reapply the HP Oil. Then you can treat the surface with the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L. How often you’ll treat the surface depends on the amount of traffic in your establishment.


5. Pocket friendly 

The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L is economical, enabling you to reduce your floor maintenance budget. For starters, it comes at an affordable price. Secondly, it has a wide 40-50 m² coverage rate for each litre, hence each you get to treat more floor area with each unit purchase you make. How much is specifically needed for the wood is dependent on its natural porosity, and also the surface preparation.


DOs And DON'Ts Of The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L

· DO stir the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L thoroughly before use.

· DO ensure that the floor has been properly cleaned before application to remove impurities like dust, grease, and other residue.

· DO clean the tools that you use with white spirit after you're done.

· DON'T apply the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L to the bare wood. The exiting HP Oil finish should be ensured to be intact before applying the Recoat onto it.

· DON'T dilute the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L.

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