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-very easy to use professional maintenance oil and oiled floor refresher

-it will cover up to 50 square meter per L but it can depend from floor to floor

-it will refinish your waxed wooden floor in a nice natural looking satin finish

-suitable for maintaining and refreshing commercial and domestic floors

-no special training is required to use this professional oiled floor refresher

-this product will require at least 12 hours drying time before using the area


Junckers HP Oil Recoat 2.5 L Review

Wood flooring is all about the charm and glamour. You get to accentuate your interior space by adding a natural look and feel, that's soothing to the eyes and sets an inviting ambience. The wide range of species available, plus their different grain patterns, swirl marks, all through to the way the floor boards are installed on the floor, enable you to set a decor that matches your particular taste. The aesthetic value is a major reason behind the huge demand for wood floors for both residential and commercial establishments. With all this, one would assume that forests would get depleted. However, the opposite actually happens. Since it’s a lucrative venture, businesses around the world have more incentive to ensure that it thrives, hence have put loads of acreage under certified sustainable forests. This is a plus for Mother Nature. Moreover, the wood itself is carbon neutral. It absorbs carbon from the atmosphere as grows out in the fields, and retains it within its tissues throughout the service life on your floor. Hence, by getting a wood installation, you enhance your decor and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. There are also functional attributes. For instance, wood is a good insulator, preventing heat loss from the building thus cutting down your energy bills. It absorbs sound, preventing reverberation and hence reducing noise levels. You want to get the most from your wood flooring and enjoy it all through. Protect your investment with the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 2.5 L.


As dirt and grime build up on the surface of the wood, it poses risk to its structure. Soiling from the outdoors, mud brought into the building from the yard by your furry friend, the dust particles that settle in from the air above, all through to those food particles from the occasional spills, become gritty when persons walk on them. Grinding against the wood surface, the abrasive action causes it to wear down. Then there’s also the risk of water damage and stains forming as a result of spills on the floor. In order to prevent this, Junckers HP Oil is applied. In addition to enhancing the beauty attributes of the wood, it also protects the structure. Over time, it will also get worn down due to the constant attacks of daily life. In order to keep it functioning optimally, turn to the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 2.5 L.


Benefits OF The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 2.5 L


1. Enhanced durability

With the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 2.5 L, you get to maintain the protection that the HP Oil offers the wood floor. It has been designed for its periodic maintenance, whether you're refreshing the whole floor or just working on a section that is worn down This enables you to retain that tough coat of protection, with the stain and water resistance features of the surface being enhanced. Thus, the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 2.5 L enables you to extend the life of your wood floor, keeping it elegant all through. It’s suitable for both residential and commercial establishments, enabling the underlying wood to withstand the traffic and knocks of everyday life.


2. Restore the beauty of the wood

Beauty and durability go hand in hand. You want the strength of the floor restored so that you can enjoy its style and glamour. The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 2.5 L enables you have it all. Its clear nature allows the natural lustre and colouration of the underlying wood to feature through the finish more prominently, thus enhancing your decor. It makes that grain, the swirl marks and hue of the wood to really pop, bringing you the natural look and feel that you desire for the establishment. Hence your home’s environment is improved, you get to create conducive working conditions in your business premises, and the value of the property even gets enhanced.


3. Fast dry time

Looking for a quick fix? Are you a realtor restoring the floor in preparation for an open house? Perhaps your business is setting up an event to launch a new product, and you want the floor to be ready in time. Even as a homeowner, you don’t want to be inconvenienced for extended periods, sealing off rooms and hampering your activities in your own household. For commercial establishments, you want speedy results since locking away sections of your enterprise for long cripples the flow of operations. With the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 2.5 L, you won’t have to worry about that. After it has been applied, the floor will be ready to for light traffic after 3-4 hours. In 48 hours, the fresh coat will have completely been cured.


4. Affordable

You get all this without breaking the bank. The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 2.5 L is conveniently priced. As such, you get to make savings right off the bat. In addition, the large amount in the package, plus the fact that each litre can cover 40-50 m² of floor space- depending on the type of surface preparation plus how porous the wood is, enables you to reduce your floor restoration budget. 


How To Use The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 2.5 L


For the application you’ll need a clean lint-free cloth. For increased efficiency, especially when you’re working on a large floor surface, a buffing machine can come in quite handy. Before you apply the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 2.5 L, ensure that the surface is clean, and free of grime. The last thing you want is dust or hair particles getting trapped under the coats. Once, ready:


1. Stir or shake the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 2.5 L. This is to ensure proper distribution of the product.

2. Apply a thin coat on the surface of your floor. 

3. Allow it to dry.


You’re done. It’s that simple. Clean your tools with white spirit. The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 2.5 L should not be applied directly onto the bare timber. Ensure that the HP Oil is intact on the surface before application. For those cases when the treatment has been severely worn down, first sand through to the bare wood, treat with the HP Oil, then add the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 2.5 L.


Tips For Using The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 2.5 L

· For the cleaning process before applying the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 2.5 L, it's recommended that you use the Sylva Neutralizer.

· Lightly abrade the surface with a polishing machine onto which a black nylon pad has been fitted prior to the oiling. Alternatively, you can use a sandpaper of grit 180-240.



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