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Junckers Nut Wood Stain 750 ml

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Junckers Nut Wood Stain 750ML

-a professional nut colour wood stain from Junckers

-suitable for staining wood floors and all types of furniture

-to be applied manually or with a low/medium speed floor buffer

-an oil based wood stain, it will cover around 50 sq meters per L

-suitable for domestic or commercial wood staining & sealing

-can be mixed with other wood stains to create unique finishes

-can be overcoated with any water based floor lacquers from Junckers

Junckers Nut Wood Stain 750ML - Where to use

We all love natural wood surfaces but over time, furniture and floors can become a bit boring and a change is required. You can easily change the look of your dull or tired looking furniture or floors with Junckers Nut Wood Stain 750ML. This quality wood stain can be used without any training and spectacular results can be achieved. This oil based wood stain can be used to stain semi solid and solid wood stains, furniture, toys, interior woodwork, handles, etc. Any surface stained with Junckers Nut Wood Stain 750ML will look rich, fancy and very contemporary. 1 tin of 750 ml of wood stain will cover around 40 sq meter of wood floor. Seal the finish with a water based floor lacquer from Junckers. The wood stain will require 1 to 2 hours drying time before varnishing.

Junckers Nut Wood Stain 750ML - How to use

Preparation is the key. If the wood surface that you plan to stain is new, you do not need alot of preparation. Just start staining it. If the surface that you need to stain has a sealant or some type of finish, you will need to remove it in full with sandpaper. Start with 40 grit sandpaper and go to 60,80,100 & then 120 grit. Make sure that the surface is dust free, dry and grease free. Prepare a pair of gloves, a few cloths and a tin of wood stain. Soak the cloth in the stain and rub it against the wood surface until you notice that the colour is even and the wood does not look soaked. If you are not happy with the colour, apply a second coat to create stronger colours. If you are a professional floor refinishing company, you can apply the wood stain with a low speed floor buffer and a white pad. Around the skirting area use a cloth to avoid spillages. Seal the surface with a Junckers water based floor finish. Job done.

Junckers Nut Wood Stain 750ML

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