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Junckers Prelak Clear Primer


-one component water based clear floor primer

-suitable for sealing with oil or water based varnish

-it will dry very fast and it will bond well with the finish

-suitable for commercial and domestic wood floors

-it will cover around 8 square meter per L of primer

-use one coat of floor primer and 2 coats of varnish 


A Look At The Junckers PreLak Clear Primer

Wood floors are both charming and elegant. Just a few decades ago, they were a preserve of the wealthy, and the who's who of society. It was a natural look brought into the interior space, adding a luxurious ambience to the establishment. Now, with the reduced production costs, plus the wide array of options available to choose from, there are installations that meet all decor and budget requirements. Whether you want a bright colouration that opens up the space and makes it appear bigger, that rustic tone that makes your floor appear like it came right out of the medieval times, or a grey hue that is calm and soothing, you’re spoilt for choice. Add to this the different treatments that can be applied, from the sealants to the lacquers, you can set up the colouration and gloss levels that bring out your taste and appeal to your personality. The wood floors add warmth to your premises, literally. They have super insulating properties, and hold in the warmth from the sunlight and your HVAC units, and even enable you to set up under floor heating for those cold winter nights. On top of that is the ease of maintenance. Cleaning wood floors is a breeze. Their non-electromagnetic nature means that dirt and other particles won’t adhere strongly to the surface, and they’ll easily be swept off. This, plus the occasional damp mopping will keep the grime off your surfaces. The flooring itself can also last a lifetime. Wood is durable, and this is further enhanced using protective coats. The lacquers are applied to the surface to accentuate its attributes and set the tone for the premises. For this to achieve the required results, the proper foundation has to be applied. That's the job of the Junckers PreLak Clear Primer.


It's all about the protection of the wood. It comes under a barrage of abuse on a daily basis. Persons in your home or business premises trek in soiling, which is grinded against the surface of the flooring, wearing it down. Those occasional food and drink spills add to the grime, with the liquid content increasing risks of stains forming. You don’t want unsightly patches on your floor, or stains that have set deep into the wood layers of your floor boards. The liquid spills also disturb the moisture balance between the wood and its surrounding, increasing chances of water damage. Just like your skin, wood is susceptible to moisture changes, since it’s also made of cells and tissues. There are also the effects of the sun's radiation. How specifically the floor is affected depends on the species of the wood. In some there will be bleaching and fading, in others darker tints will form. In order to keep this from happening and protect your investment, lacquers are added. To ensure that they perform optimally, a Junckers PreLak Clear Primer coat is applied to the surface.


Benefits Of The Junckers PreLak Clear Primer

1. Superior adhesive power

You don't want blotchy spots or bleeding through when you apply the treatment coats. The Junckers PreLak Clear Primer prevents this from happening. It bonds strongly with the wood itself, and the lacquers that will be applied on it, hence providing a medium for a firm layer of protection on the floor. The one component Junckers PreLak Clear Primer is in itself a durable coat, which further enhances the wear resistance attributes of the surface. In addition, it provides a smooth surface for the latter coats to be applied, by filling the wood grain. That way you get to avoid an uneven sheen, and the final outcome of the finishing process gets accentuated.


2. Quick dry-time

In just 1-2 hours after you apply the Junckers PreLak Clear Primer, you will be able to proceed with the rest of the finishing process. This minimises the time that the floor restoration project will take, and also reduces the chances of the wet coat getting contaminated by particles carried over by draught.


3. Flexible

The Junckers PreLak Clear Primer works with the wide range of Junckers waterbased finishes. Whether it’s in a low-traffic home, or you’re treating your flooring to be able to handle the abuse witnessed in high traffic commercial establishments, the Junckers PreLak Clear Primer will be up to the task. Moreover, as the primer dries, it forms a colourless coat. This allows the underlying character of the wood flooring to feature prominently through, preserving the ambience of the establishment.


4. Easy to use

Applying the Junckers PreLak Clear Primer is a breeze. All that you need is a shorthaired roller or applicator. Stir/shake the primer in its container to ensure that the contents are well distributed, then apply it uniformly on the floor. After waiting for it to dry, use a 150-180 grit sandpaper, or even a black screening pad, to sand it. Thereafter apply the preferred Junckers waterbased primer depending on the wear resistance requirements of your establishment. Note that the Junckers PreLak Clear Primer shouldn't be poured directly on the surface, which just leads to unevenness and wastage, or even a spray system. Stick to the short hair roller. After the application clean the equipment used with soap and water.


5. Budget friendly

The 2L, 5L and 10L packages of the Junckers PreLak Clear Primer have been conveniently priced, enabling you to start making savings right from the product-purchasing stage of your floor restoration project. In addition, it comes with a wide 8 m²/litre application rate, hence you get to cover more area with each unit acquired.

Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Junckers PreLak Clear Primer


· The Junckers PreLak Clear Primer is formulated to be ready to use, hence you shouldn't dilute it.


· Before application on untreated or previously sanded floors, ensure that the surface is clean. Impurities like dust, pet fur and dander, grease residue and similar substances will affect the quality of the results. In fact, when they stick to the wet coats, they will scream through the finish after it dries. For those surfaces with previous treatments, they will need to be sanded down to the bare wood. For the final sanding, use a grit 120-150, after which the Junckers PreLak Clear Primer can be applied.

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