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-one component water based white primer

-it will create a cool white ash effect on wood

-it will cover around 10 to 12 sq meter per L

-it can be overcoated with any type of varnish

-it will dry in less than 2 hours ( it can vary)

-suitable for commercial and domestic floors


Junckers PreLak White Primer Review

Wood ranks up there with the most sought out after flooring options for both residential and commercial establishments. Everyone has different reasons for choosing it, but most champion its natural beauty. Wood brings the look and feel of the wild outdoors into the heart of the home and business premises. It's exudes comfort, giving you a luxurious ambience. They also don’t go out of style, like other flooring options. In fact, there are buildings that are clocking centuries with their wood flooring, thanks to the timeless appeal. The beauty lasts for decades if the wood floor is well taken care of. Whenever the finish gets old and worn down, it can be refinished to freshen the look. Furthermore, there are plenty of wood species, with their different gain patterns to choose from, allowing you to get creative with your installation, all the way down to how the boards themselves are arranged on the floor. Wood is also easy to clean. For one, it does not hoard particles like dust, and quick swipes and damp mopping will get rid of the grime that ends up on the surface. This is a plus for establishments where there are persons with allergies. In addition, wood doesn't absorb odours. It's also beneficial to Mother Nature. One may argue that this is not the case, since trees are actually cut down to sustain the industry. However, the reality is that more tees are planted. There is such a high demand that businesses are putting up more and more hectares of trees, such as in the certified sustainable forests around the world. Basically, more is grown than is cut, having a net positive impact on the environment. And since the young growing trees effectively consume more carbon from the atmosphere than the older ones-like how children and teens load up on more food than adults- it contributes to reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Even the value of the property is increased. When it comes to selling your house, or you’re a realtor or landlord looking for persons to occupy your residential, office or retail space, you get to rake in more from your investment as a result of the wood flooring. After all, people are clamouring for it, with the increased demand shoring up the prices. To get the most out of the wood floor, protect it with finish coats applied on the Junckers PreLak White Primer.


Reasons To Invest In The Junckers PreLak White Primer


1. Enhances bonding power

The one-component Junckers PreLak White Primer gives you a uniform surface onto which you can apply the finish coats. It penetrates the wood grain and smoothens out the porosity, enhancing the texture of the wood. This sets a strong foundation that increases the build of the floor's protection, additionally enhancing its durability. This increases its wear resistance, also extending the life of the installation. As such, the underlying wood gets to withstand the barrage of abuse it receives on a daily basis, from the foot traffic as people walk about, the kind of shoes they wear, whether its spiked shoes that could have scratched the floor, or even those high heels applying huge pressure and straining the surface, all through to the claw marks that your pet would have left behind as it dashes across the floor. There's also the peace of mind that comes from not keeping worrying about dents and gorges forming on the surface each time something gets dropped onto it, or as you kids drag race their toys. The layer of protection that the Junckers PreLak White Primer and the subsequent topcoats provide also prevent stains from setting into the wood tissues, preventing unsightly patches from permanently forming. You get to come home to a conducive and relaxing environment, impress customers visiting your business premises, and even increase the morale of your employees, which enhances their productivity.


2. Accentuates the floor's beauty

The Junckers PreLak White Primer dries to form a white transparent appearance to the wood surface. This enhances it beauty, and enables the features of the wood itself to be exquisitely toned. The water based Junckers PreLak White Primer further enhances the attributes of the top coats that are to follow, enabling you to get the most out of the finish when it comes to enhancing the ambience of your establishment.


3. Fast application

The smooth flow rate of the Junckers PreLak White Primer enables you to spread it out quickly on the surface. Moreover, it dries fast, in as short as 1-2 hours at conditions of 20 C and 50% RH. This enables you to proceed with the rest of the finishing process, reducing the amount of time that the entire project takes.


4. Pocket friendly


With the Junckers PreLak White Primer, you get to save on costs in a number of ways. For one, its 10 m² per litre coverage rate enables you to use each package unit on a huge floor area. Secondly, the 5L Junckers PreLak White Primer is affordable, giving you a quality product without straining your budget.


How To Use The Junckers PreLak White Primer

First, ensure that the floor is clean. You don’t want any dirt or grime particles that will end up ruining the quality of the results. Previously sealed floors will need to be first sanded down to the bare wood. Vacuum the surface thoroughly and wipe off any impurities. When it's ready, follow these steps:


1. Start by stirring or shaking the Junckers PreLak White Primer. This will ensure that the product is well distributed in its container, ready for application.

2. Apply the primer on the floor in a uniform thin coat. (It's better to work with multiple thin coats rather than a single thick one) You can use different tools, with the recommended one being a short hair roller. 

3. Allow to dry.

4. Add the second coat.

5. Allow to dry.

6. Finish the floor with the recommended Junkers lacquer.


Tips For Using The Junckers PreLak White Primer


· Avoid pouring the Junckers PreLak White Primer directly on the floor. This is to reduce wastage and also enable you to achieve even coats.

· Note that each additional coat of the Junckers PreLak White Primer will make the colour less transparent. The number of oats you use depends on the appearance you intend to obtain.

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