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Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer / 5L


-one of the most popular water based floor varnishes in Ireland

-easy to apply, very fast drying, huge coverage area (10 sq m/l)

-two component, low voc water based high traffic floor varnish

-this product is available in matt finish, silk matt finish and gloss

-first coat will dry in less than 1 hour & the second coat even faster

-suitable for varnishing floors that were just stained or primed 

-suitable for varnishing floors, furniture, frames, windows, etc


Protect Your Floor With The Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer

Wood floors are popular installations in residential and commercial alike- and with good reasons too. For starters, they never go out of style. The flooring can stick around for decades- it just has to be properly looked after. Then there's the beauty: A natural look and feel brought into the interior ambience. The wood brings warmth and value to the decor, making you comfortable in your home and impressing customers visiting your commercial establishment. It’s also easy to keep clean since it doesn’t harbour grime. The same goes for allergens. Those minute particles are not naturally attracted to the surface, which makes the wood great at preventing allergies. The durability also factors in. The boards come with high strength attributes, which makes them particularly suited to high traffic establishments. However, you can only experience the full range of these benefits by properly taking care of the wood. That's where the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer comes in.


The floor surface’s main enemy is wear and tear from the constant foot traffic it handles- from the weight of the people walking around the establishment and the friction as they grind dirt particles onto the floor, to the very type of footwear they use. Take for instance those heeled stilettos worn by the dashing ladies on your premises. Well, each of them exerts numerous pounds per square inch of surface, adding to the strain that the floor is under. In both business premises and homes, there’s the issue of rubber soles that leave behind unsightly marks. The wear and tear reduces the woods ability to withstand the other issues it is exposed to, such as water damage, food and drink spills, and even the occasional items being dropped. Solar radiation also factors in, with the light from ultraviolet rays and heat from the infrared ones causing the wood to gradually fade. All this can be avoided by adding a layer of protection to its surface. Turn to the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer.


Reasons To Invest In The Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer

1. High resilience

The 2-component hardwearing Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer is built for tough. It's has been designed to form a layer of protection against the barrage of abuse that comes in high traffic residential and commercial establishments. The enhanced strength and durability brought by the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer coats keeps the underlying structure safe from wear, scuffs and scratches and even prevents gorges from forming on your floor boards. It also increases the boards’ ability to withstand the radiation from the sun. 


2. Quick drying and curing time

That’s 24 hours and 72 hours respectively. This means that in just a day after adding the solvent-based Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer coats onto the wood surface, you can allow light traffic to resume on it. Normal operations can proceed after 3 days. For new installations, the timely convenience means you get to move into the building sooner, or make quick fixes in your office building, or during those low traffic days in busy commercial establishments.


3. Different sheen variants

With the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer, it's long lasting beauty. The colourless film that is obtained when the coats dry allows the woods natural colouration and grain patterns to feature prominently through. In addition, based on your preference on the décor that you want, you can pick between the Matt, Silk Matt and Gloss choices.


4. Easy to use

Simply mix the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer with the accompanying hardener, using a 25:1 ratio respectively. Stir, and apply it onto the floor. It’s recommended that you use equipment such as brushes or rollers that allow you to achieve a uniform coat. Avoid just pouring the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer directly onto the floor surface, to avoid wastage. Pouring also makes it difficult to achieve an even coat. No dilution is required, as the lacquer comes ready to use. Remember to lightly sand in between subsequent coat applications, using a 150-180 grit.


5. Affordable

Whether you want the 1.04L (1 + 0.04) package (Lacquer + Hardener), 5.2L (5 + 0.2) or even the 10.4 (10 + 0.4) litre package, the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer has got your covered. Your choice depends on the floor area that you intend to cover, and the packages come at budget-friendly prices. In addition, the lacquer has a wide 10 m² per litre application rate that enables you to cover more surface with less product. This increases its cost effectiveness, enabling you to get more bang for your buck. Moreover, the protection that the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer provides enables you to slash down repair and replacement costs, thus accruing more savings in future.


Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer

· Seal off the area before you begin. The last thing you want is people walking all over the surface as you apply the coats. In addition, ensure there is proper ventilation.

· When sanding before applying the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer coats, ensure you follow the direction of the wood grain. This is especially for the final sanding, when you want to achieve a smooth finish.

· When working on floors that had previously been sealed, not that a full sanding will be needed to remove the old coats of finish before applying the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer. 

· Ensure that the floor surface is clean before application. Contaminants like dust, wax and grease residue will ruin the quality of the results.

· Shake or stir the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer before and after mixing it with the hardener. Note that immediately after preparing the mixture, you should allow it to stand for a least 10 minutes, then stir.

· Ensure that you've cleaned the tools after you’re done. Use white spirit for this.

· Additional moisture onto the surface before the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer coats have cured will affect the outcome. As such, it’s recommended that you refrain from mopping the floor for at least 72 hours after applying the lacquer.

· Do vacuum and lightly mop the floor regularly to remove the dirt and debris that is tracked onto it, to further prolong the life of the finish, and keep it looking elegant all through.

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