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Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer


-beautiful water based varnish suitable for domestic floors

-very durable, very natural looking and very easy to apply

-it will cover between 8 to 10 square meters per L of varnish

-suitable for varnishing new or newly sanded wood surfaces

-it is available in ultra matt, mat, silk matt and gloss finishes

-one component water based co polymer polyurethane lacquer

-one of the most affordable and beautiful varnish from Junckers

***please specify the finish required***


Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer Review

Wood floors are the gem of numerous homes around the world. Why? First off is the beauty. They add value and warmth to the interior space, even making it look bigger. It makes the house more inviting, relaxing for your family members and impressive to your guests. Then there’s the durability. Wood floors can last for decades if properly taken care of. They will take a pounding and keep on going. Since they don’t trap animal dander, pollen, dust and other particles, they increase the air quality of the home, preventing allergic reactions. Acoustics are also improved. It's why dance studios and music halls install wood flooring- they reduce vibrations and hollow sounds. This is beneficial in residential establishments for enhancing the home theatre or sound system experience. Then, of course, there's the versatility. The wide range of grain patterns, colourations and even the types of wood available, enables you to pick out the style which appeals most to your taste. As such, you go out of your way to spend on installing the right wood floor for your establishment. It’s a major investment, and you’ll want to protect it. It’s under attack from foot traffic, food and drink spills, the claws of your furry friend, and even the sun's rays. The constant grinding of soiling into the surface, risks of stains seeping into it, all through to the intensity of the ultraviolet and infrared radiation, can cause it to lose its structural integrity, plus fade with time. You don’t want things to go down like this. Safeguard your investment with the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer.


Benefits Of The Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer


1. Protective finish

The Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer is designed to meet the wear resistance requirements of residential use. Basically, after the polyurethane/acrylic lacquer is applied, its polymers, which are exposed to air, dry and become hard, protecting the underlying wood structure. Polyurethane is known for the durability it offers throughout the wood finishing industry, and the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer enables you to bring this strength into your home.


2. Clear finish

You don’t have to worry about the colour of your wood flooring changing. Though the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer is creamy while it's in the container, as it dries it forms a transparent film. This allows the wood's hue to feature right through, and it pronounces the grain patterns and designs. The level of sheen that is developed depends on the type of Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer you go for, ranging from Ultra Matt, Matt, Silk Matt, all through to Gloss. What's more, you can use the lacquer on the different kinds of woodwork in your home's interior.


3. Non-yellowing

You want your wood floor's beauty to last for long. You won’t have to worry about the dreaded yellow tint that forms with time due to exposure to sunlight. The Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer protects the wood surface, preserving that natural look and feel.


4. Fast drying

The water based Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer won’t keep you waiting for long. Once you have applied it on the wood surface, it will take about 4 hours to dry under normal conditions of 20C temperature and 50% relative humidity. Proper ventilation can further speed up the process. However, be careful of allowing too much draught that can carry dust and other particles into the building. You don’t want the contaminants getting adhered to the wet coats of the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer. It will have completely cured in 3 days.


5. Easy on your wallet

The Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer comes in affordable 5 and 10 litre package sizes. You can opt for the one that best suits your residential needs. The high 10 m² per litre coverage gives you more bang for your buck. Since it's a high quality product that enhances the durability of interior woodwork, the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer enables you to make savings in the long run by avoiding unnecessary repair and replacement costs. For realtors and property managers, the results provided by the lacquer have the welcome bonus of enhancing the value of the residential premises, allowing you to get more returns from renting it out, or when you make the sale. 


How To Use The Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer


Before you begin, the floor has to be clear and clean. You don’t want to keep encountering hurdles in the middle of the process, and dust, grease residue, food smudges and other particles will prevent you from achieving the results you desire. Give the floor a thorough vacuuming and mopping, and allow it to dry. Then follow these steps:


1. Properly shake/ stir the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer.

2. Apply it onto the surface using a brush, mohair roller (with short hair) or even an air/airless spray. Apply it uniformly. Its smooth flow rate makes this easy for you.

3. Leave to dry. 

4. Lightly sand using a 150 grit sandpaper or higher, going along the fibres of the wood. Vacuum and wipe off the sanding dust.

5. Apply the second coat.

6. Allow to dry.


Not that if you’re applying the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer on an untreated floor, or one that has been sanded, it’s recommended that you first apply the Junckers PreLak 8 m² /litre, before the lacquer. In this case, apply the Prelak, wait for it to dry, add the initial coat of the lacquer, let it dry overnight, and then add the second coat. This system of 1 coat of Junckers PreLak followed by 2 coats of Junckers ProFinish Floor Lacquer is advised for both domestic and light traffic commercial areas.


Tips For Using The Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer


· Do not dilute the lacquer since it is designed to be ready-to-use.

· Do not apply the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer by pouring it directly onto the floor. This causes wastage, and makes it difficult to achieve a uniform coat. Make use of equipment such as brushes and rollers.

· Wax and polish-treated floors should first be sanded down to remove the old coats before applying the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer. 

· Ensure that the area is sealed off when applying the lacquer, to prevent people walking all over the coats before they dry.

· Only apply a maximum of 2 coats of the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer per day.

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